> Area8-Develops Amazing Interactive Software On Multitouch Screens For Infotainment

A new company based in Italy that develops amazing interactive software on multitouch screens for infotainment. Recent researches aim to power all digital signage and interactive endpoints with AI digital Assistants and Cognitive capabilities in general.

Area8 is the result of thirty years’ IT experience of Mauden SpA and the innovative vision of Practix S.r.l. about and interactive systems and user experience design.

Mauden SpA deals with IT infrastructure, IT services and, in the last 5 years, artificial intelligence solutions. Practix has a consolidated experience and expertise in advanced interactive systems, digital signage, multitouch applications, and user experience design.

Infotainment aboard a cruise ship is one of the most important points of contact between shipowners and guests during the trip. Making messages unique to each point of contact is one of the most relevant communication and proposition goals. At the same time, implementing an efficient system of interaction and communication is a sensitive and high-level topic.

The main ways of interaction concern:

  • Entertainment: collaborative and competitive gaming applications
  •  Assistance: Wayfinding systems or communication systems onboard services (i.e. bar, laundry etc)
  • Information: information and exploration systems about the stages of the journey, news, weather, excursions, etc.

The true qualitative leap of the guest experience in the infotainment systems involves the launch of a new technology based on the use of Artificial Intelligence.

A virtual A.I. assistant could become a personal travel assistant for those who wish to interact at any time from any device. The conversational agent establishes a personal relationship with the user, it knows and profile him in a friendly way and it purpose-specific services to the guest.

The assistant can be indifferently consulted from either a personal device, touch tables, public displays or SmartTV in cabin.

Integrating with gaming and entertainment systems, the assistant becomes an intermediary agent who create relations between guest and the whole ship, but also between guests, potentially becoming the communication channel between them.

The new IBM Watson technologies allow the installation of Artificial Intelligence systems onboard the ship, coexisting with the technological infrastructure. The constant availability of cognitive services makes Artificial Intelligence solutions ever faster: all navigation systems can use the power of Artificial Intelligence without overloading the on-line connectivity, limiting the use of internet band, and without transferring data in the cloud.

“I am very proud to be part of this new adventure”, says Daniel Tomasini, CTO, and CIO of Area8. “When I founded Practix in 2010, I was focusing on the frontiers of Interface design and innovative collaborative touch screens and tables with great results. Now upcoming cognitive services and AI onboard are an incredible chance to provide next-generation infotainment services. Area8 is going to take advantage of both technologies with a very exciting outlook”.

“Please do not misunderstand Area8 expertise”, Says Daniele Arnò, CEO of Area8. “The company is a new brand based on long-lasting experience of Mauden on Information Technology and Digital Transformation and Practix, a research spinoff focused Interactive systems. The idea to establish Area8 is just the occasion to bring consolidated technology skills in a seamless offering”.

Bou-Tek: a live digital lab in the heart of Milan

Bou-Tek is the Area8 digital showroom and demo center, full of technologies like led walls, video walls, and interactive screens, located in center of Milan. Here, Area8 developers are experimenting with new technologies with testers and clients, before going live in production.

Area8 organizes Design thinking sessions and workshops with prospects and customers, aimed to design and developing of new innovative projects.

Bou-Tek is also an event space where companies can interface and interact with their customers in an innovative and different way, experimenting with new ways to communicate.

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