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Across the enterprise arena, digitalisation has empowered accounting and budgeting teams to view their information in an all-new light. From billing automation and procurement to legal signings and contract management, computational products have changed the way firms engage with customers. As information across digital channels continues to create a buzz in the business world, the elimination of paper-based operations takes the spotlight, paving the way for a much-needed digital renaissance. One among the pioneers riding this wave of digitalisation is Arco Information.

Mister Paul Van Coillie, Founder and CEO of Arco Information

The digital paperflow company archives multiple input domains for clients in a legal and compliant manner, all the while adhering to regulatory standards such as GDPR. Arco Information delivers solutions that enhance a client’s communication processes and facilitates the unhindered flow of bills electronically. The digital paperflow provider has worked on approval workflows for many types of business documents and is backed by a workforce that has accumulated two decades of experience and expertise in the enterprise setting.

Paul Van Coillie, CEO and founder at Arco Information, shares his thoughts on the challenges faced by firms while deploying e-invoicing solutions. He touches upon the optimal methodology through which such business hindrances can be managed and mitigated using Arco’s E-invoicing Management Systems and Services.

What are some of the challenges currently prevailing in the deployment of E-invoicing solutions?
As firms continue to move away from paperbacked processes and embrace more modern digital frameworks, one department that finds it particularly hard to adapt to these changes is accounting. Professionals in this sector have utilised simple reasoning and legacy systems for all processes ranging from billing to contract management for too long, rendering them sceptical about changing their ways of operation.

Another challenge for the finance officers is finding a suitable format/template for outbound bills that need to be sent to customers during e-invoicing processes. This problem magnifies while convincing suppliers to provide standard forms for invoices.

How can prospective clients utilise Arco’s solutions to identify and mitigate these problems?
We work with every type of customer, irrespective of the size of their organisation. By doing so, we can create a massive network of shared information that our users can leverage to understand all the necessary procedures required to run electronic communication systems efficiently.

We have a cloud-based systems approach, and our platform can handle inbound and outbound billing processes with various connectors such as Doccle, POM, PEPPOL, Coda and more. On-premise solutions are also a possibility.

What does the future hold for Arco Information?
From day one, our Capture as a Service (CaaS) platform gives clients digital documentation that is fully automated. We always discuss the solution we can create with the prospective client to see how our contribution can help them in the best way possible and make their work-life better through digitalisation.

The aim at Arco Information NV is to create business workflows that ensure a well-balanced work ethic for our clients while sufficing their digital requirements.

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