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Architect Your Home began in the U.K in 2001 with a unique offering – a complete set of architectural services for homeowners who were seeking to renovate or extend their property and has proven to be extremely successful with thousands of happy customers along these 20 years.

The company came to Portugal in the midst of the real estate crisis in 2012, introducing this new approach to architecture, unheard of until then, flexible enough to respond from small interventions to larger projects, responding thus to a wider range of customers in Portugal.

People are at the heart of what we do. The architects who work with us are seasoned and qualified professionals who have a lot of empathy for how people want to live in their homes and the way our homes have an impact on how we live. For each job, the necessary services are selected, using a table of costs and directly related to the size and complexity of each project, ensuring our service pays for itself because we’ll help clients nail down the budget and spend it wisely.

The launch and progression of Architect Your Home in Portugal has been highlighted in the media, with several interviews and articles in the main national media such as Jornal Expresso, Visão, Forbes, Idealista, Jornal Económico, and Jornal Sol among others showcasing the biggest successes and challenges faced by the company along the years. Our interior designs have been highlighted in various magazines and broadcast on the TV show “Posso Entrar?” from Sic Caras.

We’ve been selected as project partners with major real-estate companies like Sotheby’s International Realty, where our multidisciplinary team does personalized follow-ups, ensuring all the necessary due-diligences. For each property we prepare an Initial Consultation Report with the most important characteristics to highlight in each property.

Headquartered in Paço de Arcos and with a network of 12 architects across the country, AYH Portugal works across the country and has already developed more than 300 projects, ranging from the initial consultation design visits to full turnkey projects, specialized in renovation of qualified and heritage buildings and interior design.

Although most projects focus on the residential scope, other challenges have arisen, such as the design of cellars, commercial spaces, restaurants, offices, hotels and student residences, and as
a result of the accumulated experience of the entire team we’ve developed several large-scale projects for our clients.

As for bigger projects we highlight the new Vila Rio development for Teixeira Duarte, the Riverine development in the Marginal road, and the restoration of the National Palace of Queluz for Parques de Sintra, alongside with several private villas from Comporta to Quinta da Marinha.

According to Mariana Morgado Pedroso, General Director of Architect Your Home Portugal “Our team has work experience in a wide variety of styles and designs on all types of scales, but what really sets us apart is that we encourage the client to get involved in the design process. That way, we are sure that the design chosen is the right one for both your life needs and your personal taste, but also that you will have a lot of fun during the process.”

In order to face this new pandemic era, AYH has reinforced online services that transform the initial face-to-face contact with the customer into a digital experience. Architect Your Home already had experience in remote consulting for foreign clients, and from then on, remote processes were systematized, creating a new online design consultation.

Mariana Morgado Pedroso, AYH, Director

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