With a mantra of ‘Esports for Everyone,’ Aquatik Esports is truly unique and has propelled an abrupt tidal wave of followers, fans, and participants spread across multiple channels and touchpoints across the world.

By providing approachable spaces, opportunities, and platforms for amateur competitive gamers, creators, and streamers to launch their gaming career regardless of their skillset, available time, or age. Aquatik’s approach is all-inclusive and makes it the ideal organization for anyone looking to jumpstart their career in esports or content creation.

Aquatik Esports was founded in March 2020 by our parent company Horizon Cloud; a firm focused on technology for events, eCommerce, and related verticals. Our organization puts a particular focus on the areas of climate change awareness and ocean conservation efforts as part of its mission, fusing those elements within its various competitive and community offerings. Esports and gaming are also growing at an unprecedented rate. Businesses and individual creators alike are struggling to grasp how to take advantage of the industry. It’s why we created Aquatik, to help both sides of the fence get a better understanding of the segment and create rapid and meaningful growth. What started as a pipedream, today Aquatik Esports brings the latest in technology, gaming, and virtual reality to the screens of many.

Aquatik Esports is always looking for the most innovative ways to transform the esports industry by providing a platform for gamers and streamers of every level worldwide to interact, compete, and share their passions. With the growth team that consists of Andrew Bouley, Matt Dolan, and Sarah DeToma, their primary objective is to support the larger team in success in the growth of their burgeoning new venture. This is
evident by our hosting of two Collegiate conferences featuring Valorant among the Big10 and SEC conferences. In addition to the immense amount of organic growth the team was able to accomplish on our social channels to over 150k+ in just over a year, we used the latest trends in esports and marketing in inventive ways.

Aquatik Esports is located in Naples, Florida, where our parent company, Horizon Cloud, is headquartered. Since the start of this venture, we have realized that we are benefitting from being in Florida; whereas, there is no large esports footprint established within the state just yet. The consistent influx of people allows us to reach more of them on a local level, as demonstrated by their rapid and sustainable growth.

The future of Aquatik is bright! We are all very excited about our software, Kontrol. Kontrol creates B2B and B2C opportunities using stablecoin cryptocurrency and payment technology to disrupt social gaming. Kontrol gives creators one platform to control all their gaming and esports variables while empowering businesses to navigate the challenging but rapidly growing $37B industry of gaming/esports.

We are also very excited about our partnership with the Orlando area’s 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. Aquatik Esports will explore the engagement between esports, the , and fans; whereas, the organization intends to learn from the events while engaging with the passionate esports community from around the United States. To make this successful, we have recently partnered with Epic Games to run Fortnite tournaments on the Special Olympics behalf to raise money and awareness for the games.


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