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Apptronik is a robotics company developing some of the most advanced robotic systems on the planet. Our goal is to develop the “next generation” of robotic systems for humans to make our lives safer, more productive, and easier. We specialize in the building blocks of advanced robotics; high-performance electric actuators and real-time embedded controls that are optimized for human-robot interaction. We use these core technologies to design, build, and deploy world-class robotic platforms across a broad spectrum of use cases.


Apptronik’s vision for the future is to augment human potential using robotics. We believe that robots will be the ultimate teammates for humans, allowing us to go far beyond where we could go on our own. It’s not man vs. machine, but rather man AND machine that will take humanity to the next stage of our evolution. We aim to revolutionize the way humans work and live on Earth, and beyond. We focus on achieving the highest level of performance possible in robotics systems, and tackle some of the most difficult challenges in robotics today. We specialize in versatile robotic systems, that can perform a number of vital tasks, and are capable of disrupting a wide range of industries. We are initially concentrated on research, defense, logistics, aerospace and industrial markets.

Our History
Apptronik was founded in 2016 as a spin-out from the Human-Centered Robotics Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. Apptronik is the result of many lessons that were learned from working with the best robotics companies and teams in the world, to bring forth what we call the “next generation” of robots.

Our founders are experts in robotics, technology commercialization and business with proven track records of success.

Technology Innovations
We focus on the building blocks for advanced robotic systems. This allows us to design, build, and deploy world-class robotic platforms across a spectrum of market sectors. We have achieved major breakthroughs in both the software and hardware for robotic systems. Fundamentally, our technology enables the “next generation” of robots to be more powerful, fast, efficient, lightweight, intelligent, and safer than ever before.

• University of Texas Innovation Award
• Austin A-List: Most Innovative Startups
• Greater Austin Business Awards: Finalist
• Innovation Category
• SXSW Global Accelerator Finalist
• TechConnect Defense Innovation Award
• Winner Team Austin VC Pitch Competition
• Semifinalist NASA iTech Competition
• Austin Inno Startups to Watch List

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