Applaudo Studios-A Pioneer In Exporting Software Design And Development For Web And Mobile Platforms





For six years, Applaudo Studios has been a pioneer in exporting software design and development for web and mobile platforms, receiving numerous international awards for its work with clients in the FORTUNE 500 and as small as startups.



In 2013, Applaudo was approached by a US company dedicated to software development to build a mobile application required by NBC, one of the largest American television networks, for the Winter Olympics that took place in Sochi, Russia. The app was executed by a couple of engineers, all of them Salvadorans and after successfully delivering it to the client, we proved that in El Salvador there are highly skilled engineers able to develop software that meets the standards for companies in the United States.

This is how Applaudo Studios was born, a Salvadoran company founded in 2013 in which we discovered that in the United States there were thousands of vacancies for developers and that in El Salvador there are young people with exceptional talent who can export technology.

We started with less than five employees and now, we have more than 150 employees in six countries: El Salvador, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Lithuania. With this, we have managed to become the largest software development company in El Salvador.

Our service allows our customers to meet with their development team to see progress, determine risks and propose solutions to manage high productivity teams. We offer Web and Mobile development, UX/UI design and QA for both Staffing and Project Based Services.





Our customers are leaders in their industries and have great worldwide recognition, some of them are: Walmart (United States), Miami Heat of the NBA, Coca-Cola, FOX (TV), NBC (TV), Parque Arauco, and Lifemiles. We have received several awards worldwide, including Top Mobile and Web Developers, Top B2B Companies in Austin, the United States, and Mexico, awarded by and DesignRush. We are members of the Forbes Technology Council, Forbes Agency Council, Capital Factory, Young Entrepreneur Council and Austin Technology Council.

At Applaudo, our goal is not only to export world-class software solutions but to make an impact in the lives of Salvadoran developers. We create code that changes lives.

We search for the most brilliant minds in the country to join our trainee program and grant them a scholarship for three months, to learn from industry standards and take them to the level that international companies demand, with the opportunity to stay at Applaudo at the end of the program.

In this program, we show that with technology you can positively impact a country, and therefore, we convince young people that learning to develop software can truly change their lives.




Why El Salvador? And why Applaudo Studios?
Software outsourcing to nearshore locations has grown tremendously over the years and El Salvador has become one of the best destinations in Latin America to look for talented developers.

Applaudo Studios, located in San Salvador, has proximity to the US, meaning that time zones are not an obstacle for real-time communication with our customers. Language is not a problem either. English fluency is high in the country and is required by most jobs today. Our team can easily work along with our clients without being hours away and without misunderstandings.

In El Salvador, there is a strong pool of well-educated technical talent with skills in Web and Mobile development, Analytics, Dev Ops and UX/UI design. Our team has expertise in a wide selection of programming languages and tools for any kind of software development project.

Since we started, we challenged ourselves to work towards providing globally distributed teams to the tech industry and today as software development pioneers, we have proved that El Salvador has the talent, infrastructure, and capacity to export software development.

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