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Total Immersion. Infinite Spaces. A limitless Experience.
Aperium pushes virtual reality exploration to unprecedented levels. Our engineers and designers understand that deep, seamless immersion comes from the ability to continually explore. Through an innovative combination of hardware and software, we have created the only solution that lets users explore limitless spaces while remaining fully immersed in the virtual experience.

Founded in June 2017, Aperium Technologies Inc. is a Montreal based company that creates large scale immersive virtual reality experiences and simulations. We manufacture and develop the technology that allows the user to explore a virtual space of infinite dimension. By integrating physical movement in an intuitive and collaborative setting, a first in the industry, Aperium’s solution allows to explore complex virtual environments and provides an outstanding immersive experience.

So, what is the innovation in a single-axis treadmill?
Aperium’s K-01 Pod consists of a high-end virtual reality headset, a walking belt to enable natural locomotion and a built-in computer. While the design is robust, safe to use unattended and requires close to no maintenance, the two key innovations are hidden in the way it is controlled and the philosophy behind them is what sets us apart.

The Kinescape Technology – Comfort as a priority
To be immersed in a virtual environment, you need to be able to interact with it the same way you would in real life. We truly believed that walking needed to be intuitive and it is based on this philosophy that we designed the Kinescape Technology which allows first-time users to immediately feel comfortable on the K-01 pod. This proprietary technology, which combines both hardware and software implementations, makes the treadmill aware of the user’s posture, position, state of balance, as well as his future intent. As the user walks in the virtual environment, the platform adapts to his movements imperceptibly so that he really feels like walking on steady ground.

V-Orient Technology – Moving Freely
Once we were able to walk naturally in a virtual environment, our next objective was to offer omnidirectional freedom to the users. Even if it seemed to be the most intuitive solution, we rejected the idea of a mechanically multidirectional moving platform as the compromise on the user comfort would have been critical. Instead, we made the hypothesis that we could trick the user’s minds enough so that he believes he is turning in the virtual environment while he is not in real life, and we made it. With the V-Orient Technology, the user’s sense of orientation is manipulated such that he or she is free to move in any virtual direction.

By offering infinite space in a virtual world where rules are all to be defined, we offer simulations and experiences that are only limited by our imagination– -Jonathan de Belle, Cofounder

A development kit for you to create your own scenarios
Our development kit allows developers and game studios who wish to evaluate and develop solutions on Aperium’s line of products. We offer software development tools to easily integrate locomotion in their scenarios. Unlike the turn-key solution, most of the accessories are not integrated inside of the unit in order to facilitate access to peripheral ports as well as provide a hybrid work station and test-bench.

Our technology is intended to offer new possibilities for professional simulations and trainings, increase the fun and profitability of entertaining experiences, increase the efficiency of third-party marketing and more.

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