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INNOVATE® Austin Volume 2

If you woke up tomorrow and decided to start a company, how would you do it? Where would you begin? The reality is that most founders start companies alone, spending the first few months in a metaphorical (or, oftentimes, literal) garage figuring out how to get off the ground and turn their ideas into investable businesses.

At Antler, we’re changing that. Our team shares a deep conviction that entrepreneurship is the career path of the future and we believe that every hungry, driven person who wants to build a startup should be able to do exactly that. After working for years in venture backed companies and seeing our exceptional friends and colleagues struggle to find early support for their own new ventures, we decided to build a better on ramp to venture capital. Our mission is to provide founders with a structured and transparent process to successfully launch a new venture, a community for support throughout the experience, and a clear pathway to venture funding.

Antler is an investor backing the world’s most driven founders, from day zero to greatness. With offices in 25 international cities, Antler is active across six continents and invests across a wide range of industries and technologies. In the US, Antler actively invests in founders at the pre-seed stage in Austin, TX; Boulder, CO; and New York City out of its Residency studios. Antler launched its in-person studio in the Austin ecosystem in 2022.

Cedar Co-Founders Nate Peters, Kyle Vansice, Rahul Attraya

The Antler US experience starts with our pre-investment, six-week Residency. The Antler US Residency provides prospective founders a pathway to venture capital funding. Intrepid founders join the Antler US Residency to meet co-founders through the curated Antler community, validate potential ideas, and launch businesses. After just six weeks, founders can launch a startup from scratch and secure pre-seed funding. Founders that receive funding from our Investment Committee continue to work with the Antler team after the Residency in coaching sessions as they scale their startups and prepare for their next round of fundraising.

Entrepreneurs and startups are essential to progress. We are committed to continued funding of early stage entrepreneurs in Austin as they build startups solving unique market problems across industries. Come build your next startup with us!.

Founder testimonial from Cedar

Antler provided a tremendous amount of value to Cedar – ranging from numerous stakeholder connections to helping us identify the right customer profile to validate our business idea. We highly appreciate the rapid feedback that was provided to us, which allowed us to quickly test out different use cases and accelerate our way into our target market. We are very excited to help real-estate developers and home buyers maximize the development potential of their cities with Antler.

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