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Antidote combines data-driven technologies and a deep network of partners to provide high-quality patient engagement, clinical trial recruitment services, and valuable insights. Clinical trial recruitment has come a long way since radio and newspaper ads, but even with all of today’s more targeted digital marketing options, it’s still a major challenge for the industry.

Antidote is tackling this issue head-on with just the right balance between technology and human touch, delivering high-quality patient engagement through data-driven technologies, digital expertise, an unrivalled partner network, and personal patient and site services.

Shanelle, living with lupus

Here’s why this matters

As the industry shifts to a patient-focused perspective — from subjects to patients, and from referrals to relationships — Antidote is where it’s always been, laser-focused on its north star: helping patients connect with medical research. And this is important. It takes at least 10 years and $12 billion on average to develop a new drug. In talking about the slow speed of clinical research, Eric Valor, an ALS patient and advocate who passed away last year, once said “the cost to patients and to research is too high.” The slow pace of research means that patients continue to wait for the new and better treatments they need now.

Here’s what this looks like in practice
Connecting with the right patients

Antidote’s 300+ partner network reaches beyond typical digital channels to achieve recruitment goals faster.Many Antidote partners embed the company’s clinical trial search engine, Antidote MatchTM, on their websites. These searches create a database of engaged, opted-in patients that Antidote can reach out to directly with trial and research opportunities. This outreach is complemented through Antidote partner channels with targeted digital recruitment.

Nina, lung cancer survivor

Matching to ensure quality

Trial sponsors can screen patients for one or many trials with a customized pre-screener on a study page built and managed by Antidote. Or, to take pre-screening to the next level, Antidote offers a white-labeled version of its signature matching technology, which improves recruitment economics and the patient experience.

Antidote ensures high-quality referrals through its phone validation service and integrated third-party solutions, including lab testing, EMR records retrieval, and transportation and logistics support for patients.

Eddie, living with PTSD

Enrolling with ease

Antidote’s site follow-up services close the loop for trial sponsors. Recruitment is optimized throughout to reduce site burden and ensure patients reach the finish line. Full transparency through an intuitive site portal and regular reporting provide valuable insights on the entire funnel, from referral through to randomization. 


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