Anatomi Corp.

Manufactures advanced models of human neurological disease




Accelerating neuroscience leveraging advances in stem cell biology for the treatment of neurological dysfunction.


Founders of Anatomi Corp. have been performing academic research into gliogenesis, which is the embryological process the body uses to produce glia, key cell types that support neurons in the nervous system. Many groups are interested in manufacturing glia from human pluripotent stem cells, which are the “master stem cells” capable of producing any cell type of the body. Unfortunately, these processes require anywhere from 75 to 180 days to complete using state-of-the-art technologies. It was the goal of the laboratory at the time to accelerate the manufacture of glia to make the process less cumbersome and failure-prone.


Anatomi Corp. manufactures advanced models of human neurological disease for the development of new treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and chronic pain. Its proprietary technologies drastically accelerate the manufacture of genuine human nervous tissue, which will democratize drug discovery for academics, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

 In approaching  this problem, Anatomi Corp. founders developed key technology that  allows human pluripotent stem cells to differentiate faster into ectodermal  lineages in general, which solves a larger,  more important problem applicable not only to gliogenesis but neurogenesis as well. In simpler terms, this technology is a fast lane for human development that can rapidly produce human nervous tissue in a dish for drug discovery and potential diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Anatomi Corp is founded by inventors of its core intellectual property, the Chrono™ Platform. CEO Patrick Walsh and COO Vincent Truong developed this IP over the course of 5 years while performing research at the University of Minnesota. After completing MBA coursework parttime in Minneapolis at the Carlson School of Management, they spun the venture out as a university startup through the Discovery Launchpad Program at the University of Minnesota Venture Center. Supported by an experienced team of business and scientific advisors, Patrick and Vincent have been making inroads into the commercial ecosystem and have developed a substantial interest in the Chrono™ Platform with industry partners.

Currently, Anatomi Corp. is focused on scaling commercialization of its first product, Senso™-DM, for use in the pain research space. Major growth opportunities exist in the dementia space, diseases which combine to be four to five times greater in magnitude given the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases within the general population. Anatomi Corp. is constantly developing use cases for its intellectual property, including potential uses as a platform for cellular therapeutics.


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