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Developing Leaders For Generations To Come.

How would your organization be different if every employee was fueled with passion for your mission? Do you have a meaningful and clearly defined vision and mission that your employees know and buy into? Does your company have the right culture to succeed in today’s business climate?
With every leadership event or private training Advantage Media Promotions (AMP) creates or hosts, we believe the answers to these questions will help you and your organization with greater success and longevity. We have a people-first mentality and we believe when you invest in yourself and your employees personally and professionally, you set your business up for favorable results.

The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce has been a valued sponsor since the beginning.

When you develop leaders for generations to come, it will transform our communities. Our events are designed to help your employees become the best version of themselves. In the words of Tony Dungy, “If we lose sight of people, we lose sight of the very purpose of leadership.”

AMP is a boutique marketing agency. We started bringing leadership events to our community because we realized a good marketing campaign was only part of a successful organization.

Leadership is a key factor so in 2011, we decided to host a live leadership simulcast of world-renowned speakers hosted in over 600 locations around the world called Chick-fil-A Leadercast.

We treated the event as if it was our own live event and partnered with local business leaders to create a memorable local experience in addition to hearing the speakers including live MCs, sponsors, activities, entertainment, and networking. We started with 140 leaders and quickly grew to be in the top 5 host sites out of 600 host sites globally.

We’ve been doing this together a long time.

After nine years of hosting, we decided it was time to transition to creating our own live leadership event designed specifically to help communities around the world starting with Gainesville. We want to raise the leadership IQ in our city because we believe training generations of leaders will be the beginning of transforming communities. Within two years, our plan is to grow our leadership event to the Exactech Arena.

Besides being innovative itself, AMP encourages innovation among all who attend. Life is always changing, so you have to be willing to do things differently even though your vision remains the same. Our vision remains to transform communities through developing generational leaders, but our vehicle changed to a live leadership event due to the needs our local organizations communicated to us.

We have taken what we learned from hosting a simulcast and have created a model that will help businesses and organizations to grow beyond a one-day event if they choose to do so. We are partnering strategically with national coaches and trainers so that businesses can continue the conversation after the event, whether it be for specific training opportunities for their business or to work with their staff personally through their own specific challenges and helping them to grow.

Because of the talent, commitment, innovation, and collaboration of individuals and organizations in our community, AMP can be a catalyst for other communities to also develop leaders for generations and bring transformation to their community.

Going forward, we are most excited about the value and impact we can have on people in both our for-profit and nonprofit organizations, but especially the opportunity to engage more high school and college students since they are our future.

Our theme this year is Vision 2020. We will host lunch & learns around this theme throughout the year leading up to our live event in September where we have speakers & coaches who will be with us from all over the country to help organizations develop their vision for 2021 and beyond.

Our hope is to create a leadership event that everyone wants to come back to and bring a friend because they are inspired to action and equipped for their personal and professional journey. Leadership training is a continuing process, so for each event we plan to bring new speakers and ideas to build upon what was learned from the previous year.


2011: Leadercast Gainesville begins with 140 leaders
2012: Leadercast Gainesville grows to 500 leaders
2015: Leadercast Gainesville is in the top 5 host sites out of 600 host sites globally
2016: AMP is hired to consult with Leadercast to help host sites globally with best practices, aid in the growth and retention for all host sites
2018: Help with creating an advisory team and the first Leadercast staff/Advisory Team meeting
2020: AMP decides to create a live leadership event with opportunities for organizations to continue to grow after the one-day event

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