> Always Best Care Senior Services of Philadelphia-Is Community-Centered Because It Is Patient-Centered

Always Best Care Senior Services of Philadelphia offers medical and nonmedical in-home care throughout Philadelphia and Delaware. Whether clients need companionship or require temporary assistance as they recover from a surgery, ABC meets its patients where they are, literally and medically, by caring for them in their own space.

Always Best Care began in California, but Always Best Care Senior Services of Philadelphia is the company’s number one franchise. With its constant efforts in improving its patients’ experiences—not to mention their lives—Always Best Care of Philadelphia is the epitome of home-care agencies’ potential.

“We are definitely patient-centered,” says Paul McCleary, RN, BSN, and Director of Professional Services at ABC. “We have a major focus on customer service and ensuring that what the nurse says they are going to do they actually do. It’s something we really focus on.”

The core of ABC’s patient-centered approach is two-pronged: involving the patient’s family and assigning a Care Coordinator to every patient.

“When a patient is being cared for—they could possibly have a wound, something that requires some education concerning that wound or medical condition or medication—we also grab the family and get those guys involved in the education as well,” says Paul McCleary. “If we have to make visits in the evening to make sure that everyone is there, then we will definitely do that.”

As for its Care Coordinators, ABC is selective about who can take on the role.

“We look for professional people—people that can communicate well—and we look for people that have had at least five years’ experience as a home-care aide,” says Paul McCleary. “After five years [in the industry], I won’t say you’ve seen it all, but you’ve seen quite a bit.”

In addition to accepting private pay, the company accepts state healthcare plans, ensuring that even the less privileged can take advantage of ABC’s substantial services.

A Care Coordinator liaises between patients, their families, and the patient’s home-health aide. Throughout the year, Care Coordinators visit patients at home to ensure their care plans are detailed and up to date, and such consistent assessment ensures that every home-health aide has all of the information they need to best care for their patient. Clients with nonmedical needs will have slightly different care plans, but no matter the client or patient, every care plan will be unique and created by an experienced professional who knows the client well. The Care Coordinators also note special circumstances the client faces—the client might have a lisp, for example—and will train the home-care aides on best practices for that circumstance.

In addition to their innovative medical and nonmedical home-health services, ABC offers speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, all of which take place at the client’s home. But even with all of these options for care, ABC’s commitment to its community runs deeper still.
“We do a lot of community service work, and we really do serve a lot of the less fortunate,” says Anthony Belardino, Always Better Care of Philadelphia’s Director of Marketing and Community Outreach.

In addition to accepting private pay, the company accepts state healthcare plans, ensuring that even the less privileged can take advantage of ABC’s substantial services.

Always Best Care of Philadelphia is also focused on philanthropy, thanks to its owner Bryant M. Greene. Among other roles, Bryant serves on the Public Policy Committee/Political Action Committee Board of the Pennsylvania Homecare Association, and he is a board member of the Jefferson University Legacy Board; the Overbrook School For the Blind in Philadelphia; and the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation. He contributes to countless charities that support everything from medical research to community development in the greater Philadelphia area.

Always Best Care of Philadelphia is community-centered because it is patient-centered. Through its innovations in at-home care, ABC offers what those in need of assistance most desire: to maintain their freedom and independence.

Always Best Care Senior Services of Philadelphia

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