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Providing personalized IT solutions for small to midsized businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania. What makes Alura stand out is our innovative organizational and business processes that allow us to create lasting partnerships with our clients.

Jason Derstine, Alura Business Solutions

We have been providing IT Solutions for small to mid-sized businesses for almost 15 years with minimal turnover. Our clients stay with us because we become part of their business, maintain excellent working relationships, and meet or exceed their needs. We spend the time to research existing and future clients’ current concerns, capacities, and competencies then carefully evaluate and create customized, scalable solutions. By being both consultant and service provider, Alura’s success as a business is directly measured by how efficiently and effectively our clients achieve their specific and often complicated objectives.

Alura Business Solutions operates on our “3S” philosophy to efficiently serve each of our clients. It is also what sets us apart from our competition. The 3S model consists of Support, Services and Solutions. Each of these 3 elements is intertwined with each other – without one of them fully functioning – the entire model would not work. We provide service bundles that work together and support each other. From flexible backup services to disaster recovery, Alura provides creative and cost-effective strategies that improve performance and leverage the capacity inherent in existing systems. It allows our clients to focus on their real business while Alura tends to their IT requirements.

Alura’s Helpdesk and techs work directly with clients and are available 24/7, 365 days a year and can be on-site within hours when needed. Your business  systems can be checked at any time by logging into your client portal to check system status or access files. What keeps this 3S process highly functioning is our on-going training, documentation, and work culture which has a direct impact on client satisfaction. We encourage our partners, prospects and clients to visit the office to witness our great team in action.

It’s this partnership culture and 3S philosophy that has resulted in Alura’s incredible growth. Outstanding service and product offerings and the strategies mentioned above have allowed Alura to retain over 95 percent of customer base over the years. The many pleased long-term client engagements and influx of new clients continue to drive our success. Jason Derstine, employee #1 and President, has been recognized as one of the youngest winners of Philadelphia’s 40 under 40 in 2015. Derstine’s business approach is summed up in his quote, “We are not just here when our customers have problems, we proactively reach our clients and take precautionary measures, thereby giving less space for issues.”

The company has also won the following prestigious awards:
• Philadelphia‘s Top 100 for five continuous years
• Philadelphia Soaring 76 for two continuous years
• Philadelphia Top LGBT Businesses for four continuous years
• INC Magazine’s Top 5000 for three continuous years

Alura Business Solutions

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