Altura’s mission is to provide gamers with the ability to control and own their in-game items and the ability for game developers to integrate blockchain technology in their video games seamlessly.

Majd Hailat, Founder

Altura’s NFT Project The current state of NFTs is comparable to that of
the web in the 90s; static and boring. Altura is pioneering the concept of
Smart NFTs. Smart NFTs have properties that can change, for instance, a
video game sword that gets stronger as you use it or an in-game pet that
evolves. Altura is developing APIs and SDKs for game developers to create
and easily integrate NFTs into their video games. Additionally, we are also
creating a digital asset marketplace for transacting Smart NFTs.
Other products we provide include verifiably random NFT loot boxes,
Altura Guard, a blockchain verification system for authenticating yourself
in-game without needing a web3 wallet connection and perpetual royalties
for game developers. Altura earns revenue by taking a 2.5% cut from every
transaction on the Altura marketplace and taking a 5% cut for all NFT loot
box interactions.

Majd Hailat – Before my journey into the crypto world, I was a student in
high school, learning as much as I could about programming. In 2 years I
learned Python, Java, data structures, and algorithms. Using those skills
I taught myself iOS development and launched a few successful apps
onto the App Store. From learning how to release and create products,
I ventured into web development working on the frontend with React
and backend with Nodejs and Express. My cryptocurrency journey
began as an investor in Bitcoin. I was intrigued by its technology and
seemingly impossible traits such as digital scarcity. I then decided to look
into how Bitcoin works in detail. With that knowledge, I learned about
smart contract development and the amount of the space which was left
undeveloped. I saw the value in tokenization of in-game assets and the
ability to implement dynamic NFTs within games. These aspects helped me
form what Altura is today.

Maxim Sindall -My foray into cryptocurrencies began in late 2016 when I discovered and started mining cryptocurrencies. I saw it as a no-hassle way to make some passive income, but soon became incapacitated of the endless opportunity in the space. In the following years I traveled through Canada and the United States educating young students on the mining aspect of cryptocurrencies, while giving them a simple introduction into the space. This helped me build a diverse network that built my presence in crypto further, eventually leading to the launch of Altura NFT.

I think Altura can be both thought of as an innovator and innovation enabler. We are innovators through the creation of a new standard in the NFT industry through Smart NFTs. These dynamic NFTs are able to change with events occurring outside of the NFT world. This is a much needed change and an addition of utility unforeseen by regular (nonchanging) NFTs. This technology added with our marketplace allows for the free trading and creation of these Smart NFTs by anyone. How we enable innovation is through what these Smart NFTs can provide in application. For example, in gaming we can allow items to be NFTs themselves and allow them to be upgraded when certain events in-game occur. This brings in a new precedent within gaming by first giving value to gaming items, and secondly allowing gaming items to have a progressive increase in worth through gameplay. We have been able to do this by centering innovation at Altura. In terms of crypto and gaming we look to do things that haven’t been done before, and it has helped us to create more value within both crypto video-games and non-crypto games.


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