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Provides 100 percent transparency in real-time to all stakeholders at every stage

Logistics was been an antiquated industry for far too long. That is why Airspace Technologies was created. The cofounders Nicholas Bulcao and Ryan Rusnak mapped out all the antiquated or human processes and used it as a roadmap for the Airspace Platform.

Two things were clear: the customers needed a modern platform that could provide the level of transparency and error prevention that these critical shipments deserve, and these problems could not be solved with an off-the-shelf technology.

Mission Statement:
Airspace Technologies makes shipping faster, safer, and more transparent than ever before through people, service, and technology.

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to create the most trusted delivery network the world has ever seen.

The airspace software platform automatically routes and dispatches in seconds rather than 40 to 60 minutes enabling routes and flights unavailable to other forwarders. Airspace is different than any other freight forwarder in that it provides 100 percent transparency in real-time to all stakeholders at every stage of the delivery process. With other companies, the process is much more manual with people calling for information, and only estimates of cost and time-frames.

Airspace gives companies the exact information from the field. While new technology helps any company that needs more dependability and faster deliveries, Airspace found it is particularly crucial in the healthcare industry since lives are at stake. Airspace focuses on time-critical shipments because they matter the most. Bottom line, at Airspace, organizations don’t provide the easy shipments. They come to Airspace with the part of their supply chain that carries extraordinary challenges, sometimes life-and-death. The Airspace response: “Bring us the impossible and watch us work.”

Airspace Technologies

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