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A Tech Company Committed To Making Lives Simpler, Easier, And More Fun

Founded in 2015, Aira Tech Corp is a technology company committed to making lives simpler, easier, and more fun. Based in San Diego, California, Aira has created a service that provides information in a way that’s more natural to interact with: by speaking with actual humans.

Aira connects people who are blind or have low vision with highly-trained, trusted professionals who can see the user’s surroundings through their smartphone camera. Ideal for when a little extra information can get things done a whole lot faster.

The service can be used through either a free app (available in the Apple App or Google Play Stores) or with the Horizon Kit – a pair of smart glasses that Aira designed after finding that nothing in the market could do what the service required.

People have used Aira for so many tasks that there isn’t enough space to list them all. Our agents have assisted with everyday tasks like reading mail and signing inaccessible PDFs, and exceptional tasks like describing a wedding, concert, or even fireworks at a theme park.

There’s a reason that people trust Aira. Not only are they talking to actual humans, but prospective Aira agents also have to go through robust background checks, sign strict privacy clauses, and undergo weeks of rigorous training – all before they can answer a single call.

The Aira Team, comprised of members from every department, stands in front of their boardroom named “Bock.” The late Larry Bock was a blind entrepreneur and venture capitalist who founded many San Diego companies. He believed in Aira’s mission – so much so that he was one of the company’s first investors and first Executive Chairman.

The service is free to use for short calls, with the option to upgrade to premium plans for more time with Aira’s professionals. Additionally, there’s the Aira Access Network, which is a collection of leading businesses – such as Walgreens, Intuit Quickbooks, Wegmans, and AT&T – that have partnered with Aira to provide the service for free at their locations or with their products.

Aira also has initiatives geared toward leveling the playing field in the community, such as the Job-Seeker Program which covers the cost of all calls related to finding or changing employment.

Aira Tech Corp

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