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Agrinova is a college centre for the transfer of technology dedicated to applied research. In partnership with companies and organizations, we conduct concrete research with specific practical objectives tailored to their needs. Since the CCTT was created in 1996, we have carried out more than 1200 research and innovation projects for clients throughout Quebec as a nonprofit organization.

Animal production

Agrinova brings together a team of professionals who are passionate about agriculture and committed to knowledge development and transfer. With a team of researchers in agronomy, biology, and engineering, we offer a wide range of expertise in various agricultural sectors, such as potato production, agronomic services in industrial settings as well as biochar, animal and plant production. Collaboration is central to our approach to providing support services that meet the research and innovation needs of our clients and various communities.

Small, medium and large businesses in all sectors of agriculture can benefit from our diverse expertise and facilities, whether it be at the Biochar Technology Showcase in Mashteuiatsh, which is equipped with two pre-commercial scale pyrolyzers and a characterization laboratory, at our experimental potato production storage facility in Sainte-Croix, equipped with hybrid storage facilities, or at our two points of service in Alma and Saint-Nicolas.

Biochar Technology Showcase

What is more, with our technology access centres for dairy and biochar production, we are a key player in the innovation chain. Working with a CCTT gives you the opportunity to increase your productivity, test new equipment or technologies and make the most of best practices in the field.

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