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Ever-changing customer behavior and buying patterns coupled with the need to closely monitor operations, promotions, and financial performance in real-time are among the biggest challenges faced by retailers and restaurant operators today. These businesses, with numerous locations and large workforces, are challenged with the problem of ensuring that people from the top to the bottom of their organizations are aligned around the same goals and objectives.

This alignment is especially important considering the need to address ever-changing objectives driven by customer, corporate, seasonal, and promotional mandates that impact their bottom line. After carefully contemplating the predicaments of retail and restaurant brands, Mount Laurel–based Agilence has designed a data analytics and reporting platform that helps business accelerate their “time to Insight” as aptly described by Russ Hawkins, President, and CEO of Agilence.

In a competitive economy, the Agilence suite of solutions provides multi-unit enterprises with self-service insights into their business operations in a very efficient manner. “Agilence, a contraction of ‘agile intelligence,’ defines our objective aptly. We are an insight service provider with exceptionally sophisticated software tailored for the retail and restaurant business,” says Hawkins. “Our focused team, possessing extensive industry knowledge in both retail and restaurant operations, along with our analytics platform, enables executives and managers to identify problems, monitor performance, and translate best practices to all locations across the enterprise.”

Agilence created the 20/20 Data Analytics™ Platform to aggregate data from different systems and to enable measurements that give retailers and restaurant operators deep insights into their business operations. The solution integrates and processes data from the point of sale (POS), transaction logs, HR, inventory, e-commerce, and other business systems to provide a detailed record of each store transaction, identify trends, and assess whether people, programs, and processes are delivering expected results.

“We democratize data by gathering it from various siloed systems into a central database and enable managers at all levels to ask sophisticated questions and track responses over time without a lot of IT involvement,” elucidates Hawkins. Agilence’s platform has the capability to gather data from a virtually unlimited array of sources within a particular company and present results as concise reports and dashboards. The solution empowers brands to track and manage key performance indicators and execute strategies down to the lowest levels in the organization in perfect alignment with corporate goals.

Looking to the future, Hawkins says that their product roadmap for the 20/20 Data Analytics Platform™ includes building a number of new capabilities, including expanding its predictive modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence functionality: “We are continuing our mission of helping our customer community improve their profits and better serve their customers.”

Russ Hawkins - President & CEO


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Agilence, Inc. is the industry leader in data analytics & reporting for retail and restaurant organizations. Agilence develops the 20/20 Data Analytics™ Platform, a highly flexible and powerful cloud-based reporting solution that provides organizations with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster, increase sales, and eliminate losses.


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