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For over 150 years, Agfa has been a pioneer in the sectors in which it operates. Started as one of the first major innovators in the world of photography, Agfa today is a leading company in imaging technology and IT solutions. Agfa develops, manufactures and markets analog and digital systems for the printing industry, for the healthcare sector and for specific industrial applications.


Each year, Agfa spends more than 6% of its turnover on R&D. This clearly demonstrates the Group’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that offer significant added value to healthcare providers, printers and industrial customers. In the past century and a half, the company has built an impressive Intellectual Property portfolio that today consists of 878 active patent families. The numbers may vary from year to year, but we can proudly say that Agfa is continuously renewing its intellectual property at a consistent rate of 50 to 60 new patent families per year.

Agfa is continuously exploring how to apply its technology power to offer state-of-the art, sustainable solutions for multiple applications in various markets.

Below are five relevant cases that underscore the power of Agfa’s sustainable innovation.


Case 1: MUSICA
Agfa supplies analog and digital imaging technology to hospitals and healthcare imaging centers all over the world. Agfa’s innovative imaging equipment and its leading MUSICA image processing software set the standard in terms of productivity, safety, clinical value and cost-effectiveness. Agfa’s digital radiography solutions are designed according to the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable) to achieve an optimal balance between low radiation doses and high image quality. Thanks to MUSICA, razor-sharp medical images can be achieved while reducing the radiation dose for patients by up to 60%.


Case 2: Augmented Intelligence (AI)
Hospitals and imaging departments are under pressure to process an ever-increasing number of medical images and to make diagnoses immediately available. Agfa’s Enterprise Imaging platform brings all medical images together. With RUBEE™ for AI, we go one step further: specialized AI algorithms that address specific clinical needs are seamlessly integrated into Enterprise Imaging. RUBEE™ provides a smart representation of the findings of the AI algorithms, and puts the generated information to use immediately, in the Enterprise Imaging system, right in the middle of the existing radiology workflows. This approach is far more valuable, analytically intelligent and provides greater efficiency gains than working with separate AI packages.


Case 3: ECO³
Agfa develops and creates solutions for the printing industry that consist of equipment, software and consumables. Agfa focuses on ecology, economy and extra convenience under its ECO³ program. This brings a higher degree of sustainability in the printing processes, enabling lower ink consumption, creating less waste and making printing processes cleaner, more cost-efficient and simpler. Thanks to Agfa’s ECO³ solutions, printers can save up to 30% on paper, 40% on ink and up to 95% on water. Waste volumes can be reduced by 50%. In 2020, Agfa introduced several new ECO³ products, such as the Eclipse process-free printing plate that eliminates 100% processing waste.


Case 4: Inkjet solutions
Thanks to its specific advantages, inkjet printing is increasingly used as part of industrial production processes. Agfa develops tailor-made inkjet inks for industrial printing presses which are used in very diverse industrial applications, such as laminate flooring and wall decoration… In addition, also designs complete industrial printing systems such as the InterioJet inkjet printer for laminate applications or the Alussa printer for printing on leather. Possible applications are shoes and handbags.


Case 5: Membranes for tomorrow’s hydrogen economy
With its Green Deal, Europe aims to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. In doing so, it aims to become the first climate-neutral continent. Agfa can contribute to this. In recent years, Agfa has invested heavily in the development and production of membranes for the hydrogen production industry. The latter is an essential cornerstone in the European climate strategy. Agfa is part of the EU Clean Hydrogen Alliance that coordinates all activities between all stakeholders in the project: the technology developers, the industrial actors, the investors and the governments together with their citizens. This membership confirms Agfa’s international recognition as an expert in the development and production of separation membranes for advanced alkaline electrolysis, an essential component in the production of hydrogen.

Would you like more information on Agfa’s sustainable, innovative strength? Then don’t hesitate to contact Agfa’s Innovation Center: [email protected]

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