Innovative Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem

Slovak start-up AgeVolt introduced its unique EV charging system in the market at the beginning of 2020 and is already being hailed as a new rising star. From the original idea of building smart charging stations that can dynamically regulate charging performance according to the current consumption of the building, it has grown into the ambition to create a shared EV charging ecosystem through its Digital Platform. It is now developing an infrastructure in which active EV drivers can charge their vehicles for no cost. Thanks to strategic investments from Inobat, IPM and VFF as well as grants from the European Union, this goal is within reach.

Different apoach, that makes a difference
AgeVolt has a radically different approach towards emobility by turning limitations into opportunities. Instead of racing to build faster chargers, AgeVolt is making charging more convenient and accessible. It offers charger owners and drivers, benefit of dynamic pricing instead of them being dictated by charge point operators. AgeVolt enables chargers to be installed using the existing electrical connection over building new connections. It is supporting the local, regional and EU-wide energy system through dynamic demand side balancing for greater stability, instead of overloading the energy system.

Car park space owners have full control
AgeVolt is creating potential for every car parking space owner to share chargers with the public on their own terms, when they desire, and combine charging with loyalty programmes and digital marketing. AgeVolt also has a charging solution for apartment neighbourhoods and urban residential areas with limited access to parking. According to
Jan Zustiak, CEO & Founder of AgeVolt, “This shared green economy, will not just kick-start the EU e-mobility acceleration but will also promote energy sustainability.” 

Made in Bratislava, capturing interest worldwide
Thereafter, AgeVolt has secured TOP 10 places in several international start-up competitions and competed with hundreds of innovative companies. In 2021, AgeVolt was added to the prestigious #SET100 list as one of the 100 most innovative startups in the energy and mobility sectors. AgeVolt is collaborating with the National Battery Center and the Slovak Academy of Sciences development of new technologies, and e-mobility innovations in strategic partnerships with DXC Technology, ABB and Engie Slovakia.

In 2020, AgeVolt was awarded the Seal of Excellence certificate by the European Commission. “The judges of the Horizon 2020 program were the first to see AgeVolt’s potential”, said Ján Zuštiak.


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