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For a moment, imagine yourself in the shoes of a healthcare professional, facing brain medical images from a patient with a suspected neurological or neurodegenerative pathology. You are looking for possible signs of cerebral atrophy, brain damage, age-related abnormalities, etc. You want to be confident and don’t want to miss this subtle anomaly that could change your interpretation. Can you picture this? Now imagine that to support you in this critical task, you have the assistance of a tool that allows automated analysis of the image and measures the precise volumes of each region of the brain or even detects possible lesions, and all of this, available almost instantly, as soon as the images are opened on your workstation! That was the key idea of the creation of AFX Medical in 2018.


AFX Medical is a Montreal-based company focusing on the development of neuroscience and health applications using artificial intelligence technologies. Our multidisciplinary team brings together motivated and persevering individuals who care about technological medical innovation and its potential benefits to human health.


We develop software allowing for brain medical images analysis and relevant biomarkers extraction in a matter of seconds. We use deep learning to provide informative, interpretable, and relevant image analysis that integrates into clinical workflow. These techniques particularly enable to recognize specific elements in the image and to track them over time. The results are displayed in an accessible way, allowing healthcare professionals to supplement their visual and manual analysis with quantitative data.


Through effective and innovative tools, AFX Medical’s automated brain images technologies aim to radically optimize diagnostic and monitoring processes for neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

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