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Simplifying Complex Care Through Remote Patient Monitoring

The Beginning

Healthcare is expensive, no matter who pays for it. When creating value in healthcare, merely providing a service does not cut it anymore. Even if that service is provided at a reasonable cost. The real challenge is in the quality of care received. Care quality remains healthcare’s toughest obstacle, especially for those who need it most: complex care patients.

Complex care patients repeatedly cycle through multiple healthcare and social service systems without seeing any improvements in their health and well-being. Chronic care comes to mind. The definition can be stretched to include some acute care as well, where the needs can become very complex surrounding certain medical procedures.

Aetonix came into existence to help hospitals, home care agencies, and private healthcare organizations address the needs of such complex cases. We simplify complex care through remote patient management.

What We Do

We developed our flagship product, the aTouchAway mobile platform, to enable remote patient monitoring. It allows hospitals, home care agencies, and private practices to remotely manage the care of complex patients at home. It is a fully integrated platform that connects, monitors, and guides patients from the comfort of their own homes.

Patients are connected to professional healthcare care teams, caregivers, and family members in what is known as The Circle of Care. Everyone is kept aware of changes in the care plan and the patient’s vital signs, and guided using customized course of actions suited to that particular case.

With aTouchAway, it is possible to avoid hospital readmissions, decrease the length of hospital stays, increase outpatient care, and most importantly of all, improve patient outcomes.



aTouchAway ™

At a very basic remote care level, people can exchange vital patient signs like blood pressure, weight, glucose level, heart rate, steps, O2 level, and body temperature. At a more advanced telehealth level, they can communicate securely in one-one or one-to-many settings over video or text. But what really sets us apart, is that we take a person-centered and team-based approach where every member of The Circle of Care can be coached and guided by established workflows containing clinical protocols.

The software is user-friendly for all its end users, especially for the senior citizens as they often require complex care. It enables family communication and engagement helping to address social isolation.

With our aging population and the need for complex care management, multiple technologies are required, such as sensors technology for falls and wandering, alerts and reminders for medication adherence, one touch virtual visits, and many others. Through mobile technology like Aetonix’s aTouchAway, we provide a connected environment where all of this is possible, plus more.

Through mobile/tablets and devices/sensors, a patient can keep track of his or her health, inform the care team, and receive guidance on potential actions. Remote care is truly an exciting space to be in, and we hope our patient-centric approach serves us well in the years to come.

Proven Success

The aTouchAway platform has been used by healthcare organizations in Ontario to manage patients with multiple chronic care conditions and facilitate communication and care delivery amongst The Circle of Care. As an example, aTouchAway has been used by the Lennox & Addington County General Hospital (LACGH) for the BREATHE program that addresses Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It has reduced the COPD 30-day readmission from 23% to 3%, and saved patients over 8,000 km in travel time.


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