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Bring The Power Of TV And Digital Advertising Together

You know that moment when you’re watching a TV commercial and decide to pick up your phone to search and learn more? Advocado makes it possible for advertisers to connect with consumers during that precise moment (or micro-moment) when they want to know, go, do, or buy something.

Jeff Linihan, Co-Founder, President, and COO

We’re the first platform to bring the power of TV and digital advertising together to amplify each other. Before Advocado, there was no way for advertisers to surgically adjust digital campaigns in perfect sync with their TV commercials running—not to mention with the local market precision or national scale that we offer.

We do this through Advocado Activate, which uses patented technology that monitors national broadcasts and 210 local US TV markets with precise spot detection within 5 seconds. We do not buy third-party data or encroach on privacy by watching your device.

As a pure SaaS, Advocado Activate makes real-time changes to the client’s core paid search account, resulting in better campaign performance. Additionally, our clients enjoy second-by-second analytics rather than an hour-by-hour aggregated report.

Advocado exhibiting at Adobe Summit 2019 (Brian Handrigan and Jeff Linihan)

Not only do we have a product unlike any other, we have two experienced co-founders. One of them, Jeff Linihan, developed an entrepreneurial spirit early in childhood. One summer, Jeff’s eyes proved bigger than his wallet and he ended up spending more money than he had. Seeing this as a ‘teaching moment,’ Jeff’s parents promptly saddled him with a handful of landscape projects to ensure he didn’t make the same mistake twice. He quickly learned he could fulfill his financial obligations quicker if he hired his friends to help complete the work. Jeff was drawn to starting businesses after this summer and his entrepreneurial drive strengthened.

Jeff earned his B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Upon completion of his B.A., Jeff returned home to St. Louis where he attended law school at Washington University in St. Louis. After earning his law degree, Jeff practiced for six years before acquiring his first company, Yellowtop.

Yellowtop grew 600% under Jeff’s leadership. With this success, Jeff co-founded new ventures, all of which are experiencing double-digit growth. The latest company, Advocado, was created based on an undisputed need in the advertising industry—connecting TV and digital marketing efforts for attribution and activation.

As co-founder, President, and COO of Advocado, Jeff is disrupting the status quo and delivering quantifiable results across industries through Advocado’s Activate, Analyze and Add Ons. His success in growing companies can be attributed to his two steadfast beliefs: create a culture built on core values and implement a people-first mentality.
Jeff’s unwavering principles led him to join and serve in leadership roles for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

He currently serves as the Sub-Committee Chair for New Chapter Launches under the Global Membership Committee. One of Jeff’s lifetime goals is to visit every country. He’s well on his way, having spent time in 49 countries. While he is an avid traveler, Jeff’s real passions are his wife, children, and the city of St. Louis. He’s eager to see St. Louis grow as an Ad Tech community and prosper as a startup city for many future generations, including his son, Mason, and daughter, Lilly.

Advocado exhibiting at Adobe Summit 2019 (Brian Handrigan and Jeff Linihan)


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