Advanced Power Products & Solutions

Is a manufacturer representative focused on electrical power, control, and protection




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Advanced Power Products & Solutions is a manufacturer representative focused on electrical power, control, and protection. They provide advanced technical resources, responsive service, and expansive representation across the industry, working with power plants, municipals, contractors and EPCs, distributors, consultants, industrial facilities, OEMs, and system integrators.


It all happened more quickly than Benjamin Brown and Mustafa Attia expected. They were working as sales engineers at large companies but were confident that they could start their own. They came up with a four-year plan—which suddenly became a one-year plan.

“Mustafa learned that GE was looking for a rep company for one of its new product lines, and we thought, ‘Let’s go after it. If we get, we get it.’ Neither of us was thinking this would be the year to open, but it was too good an opportunity to miss,” says Benjamin Brown, co-founder and principal of Advanced Power Products & Solutions.

Their leap of faith was rewarded when they secured the contract with GE. It was a little different to what they had originally planned—but then, Advanced Power is a little different from other companies in the rep realm.




“Sales reps are typically salespeople, but we are salespeople who are also engineers,” Benjamin says. “Our ability to come in with known industry solutions and an ability to help engineers design those solutions creates a different dialogue where customers come to us for support and engineering knowledge.”

Gaurav Rodrigues, Advanced Power’s associate project manager, says it also creates a different level of service: “Because of engineering backgrounds and the right technical skillset, we can create turnkey solutions around our products, instead of simply selling individual components and leaving customers to incorporate them unassisted.”

Today, Advanced Power provides solutions as varied as the companies they build them for. The company’s expertise includes microgrids, protection and control, metering, grid automation, electrical test equipment, substations, systems automation, field services, and HV/MV equipment, among others.


Whatever the challenge, Advanced Power helps its customers to gain a competitive edge with the help and support of advanced products and technical services. The solutions may be complex in their sophistication, but they begin with something fundamental: empathy.

“We try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and think about everything that’s going on with the project,” says Gaurav. “By utilizing the knowledge of a networked team, we can present clients with accurate, decisive options that will benefit our clients the most.”

For example, Advanced Power provides customers a solution to optimize the maintenance of their most critical assets through digital monitoring and diagnostic (M&D) solutions. These M&D solutions help reduce corrective and time/counter-based maintenance of their equipment and give them insights to risk assessment, condition-based maintenance, and T&D asset analytics.


Though based in New Jersey, Advanced Power Products & Solutions has expanded its territory into New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware, providing service to a variety of corporations, many of them household names. They’ve also increased the number of products and companies they represent, including GE Prolec, Omicron, and G&W.

“Every year we’re expanding and taking on different projects with companies beyond New Jersey,” Gaurav says. “We’re looking forward to seeing where else those will take us.

Proud of such expansion as they are, the team also counts among its milestones the earliest indicators of Advanced Power’s success: receiving their first payment, for example, or hiring their first full-time employee. Those small victories have added up to great success, and while the team is ready to meet the opportunities they see on the horizon, they’ll remain as client-focused as ever.

“What’s most important to us is the prospect of long-term and trustworthy relationships with all our customers,” Benjamin says. “Looking at the projects and jobs we are working on, I can surely say that we are addressing a growing need and we intend to develop this in the years ahead to bring even more to the table—which is to say, to bring even more to our customers.”


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