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Is an agency that created a new methodology to advertise on Facebook and Instagram

Advanced Digital Marketing is an agency that created a new methodology to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. This original method replicates Charles Darwin’s natural selection, but instead of individuals, it focuses on evolving the performance of their ads and their results.

The method initially required extensive manual work and long hours from marketers in order to succeed. That is why they developed Artificial Intelligence to reduce their workload, clearing a path with more speed and better decision-making processes.

After helping companies to achieve returns of up to 17.2 times their ad spent, ADM decided to add more functionalities to its technology, adding more weapons to its arsenal.

Some of the most popular marketing AI agents built are:

Hercules – Artificial Intelligence based technology that assists marketers in obtaining better performance on their ads. Hercules analyzes all ads and tells the marketer which ones are most profitable and which are least profitable. It also determines which ads will get late attribution from Facebook, a big but difficult to solve problem for digital marketers related to receiving conversion data in time from Facebook. Because marketing decisions rely so heavily on data, it is crucial to receive the data in time; however, current advertising platforms make this intentionally difficult.

Influencer Finder – A tool that identifies and tracks hashtags and influencers on Instagram. After being activated, it checks Instagram for potential influencers based on the list of hashtags provided. Any time someone uses that hashtag, the tool scrapes publicly available information and uses it to decide whether or not the influencer is meeting the requirements of the brand or not.

Hater Blocker – Hater Blocker reads all the comments on your posts and uses natural language processing, a form of AI to analyze the emotional sentiment – whether it is positive or negative – of the comments. If the comment has strong negative connotations, it automatically hides them, and only those who posted and their friends can see it. This is particularly useful when rogue users spread hate or misinformation on a brand or campaigner’s post, blocking the damaging words before other users can see or be influenced by it. The tool can be applied not only to paid advertising, but also regular page posts.

The Team

Gaba: Gaba has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Florida. He has 15 years of digital marketing experience and created the first version of the methodology and automation for Facebook ads.

Guilherme: Gui has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Florida. He became the lead marketer in the company after beating Gaba in a marketing challenge. Heavily invested in data analysis, he automated reporting and developed the late attribution model.

Dany is known as the Rockstar programmer. He is an ex-Microsoft and ex-Tesla that uses his expertise to bring fresh ideas and technologies to ADM’s ever evolving set of Artificial Intelligence powered software. Dany’s passions also extend past tech, he has a love for altitudes as a skydiver and used to be a highly competitive swimmer.

Eddie: Eddie is a Computer Science major from Santa Fe College, and is a Software Engineer at ADM. He built the entire frontend for the web-app, contributed to the creation of the backend, and helped populate and maintain the database in his first three months of hire.

Advanced Digital Marketing

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