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The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Company

Admiral is The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Company, helping digital publishers grow relationships with their users. Pioneered by Admiral, VRM promotes intelligent targeting, engagement, and communication with multiple segments of a publisher’s audience to maximize ARPU/ROI for each visitor.

Our modules solve challenges from adblock recovery to GDPR/ CCPA privacy consent and enable paid subscriptions, email acquisition, social growth and more—all through a single tag. Admiral is saving the free Internet, one publisher at a time.

Whether it’s business or personal, strong relationships are the foundation for achieving the best life has to offer. This is the driving principle behind Admiral and the methodology we employ within our products. For the first couple of decades of the Internet, publishers got away with little or no thought to their relationship with their visitors because the “free content for advertising impressions” value exchange was never truly challenged. This led to abuse from both sides: 1) publishers abusing visitors with bad ad experiences and 2) visitors abusing publishers with ad blockers. Early anti-adblock attempts went out of business because they exacerbated the problem by trying to jam ads past the blockers via surprise ad reinsertion, annoying visitors by actively discouraging engagement, consent, and relationship-building. Admiral took the opposite path, pioneering engagement and consent-based access control—allowing both sides to protect themselves and grow a trust-based relationship.

In the process, we found that visitors want to reward the sites they visit— via whitelisting, custom ad experiences, email subscription, privacy consent, social follows, paid subscriptions for premium content or ad-free experiences, and more. Although Visitor Relationship Management began as a solution to adblock recovery by offering alternatives to adblockers, it’s now grown into a relationship-focused approach that can be applied to ALL segments of visitors.

VRM is focused on respecting visitors as people, not numbers and statistics. Relationships matter, and relationships drive revenue and sustainability, for individual publishers and the Internet as a whole.

Our People

Although the team has grown to span the country and serve customers around the globe, Admiral’s Gainesville roots run deep, including Gator’s from the class of 1991 to the class of 2021. In fact, each of Admiral’s founders was integral in building one of Gainesville’s largest tech startups; music streaming pioneer Grooveshark. Like a phoenix from the ashes of Grooveshark, Admiral was founded in 2015 around a couple of old desks in the Grooveshark offices, grew its seed story in the Sun Center, and expanded to the UF Innovation Hub after securing a Gainesville SaaS seed funding record of $5+ million. A love for the excitement and unpredictability of startups permeates the Admiral culture, with more than half of Admiral’s employees having been involved with starting a company of their own in the past.

Our Mission

Admiral’s mission since day one has been “saving the free Internet, one publisher at a time,” but what are we saving it from and why? The Internet’s core ad-supported business model is crumbling before our eyes, leading some of the world’s largest, best, and oldest publishers to shrink, consolidate, or simply go out of business. A new and creative value exchange is critical to sustaining the Internet’s ability to inform, educate, and empower the world around us. We believe relationships are the key to ensuring the free Internet has a strong, fair, and sustainable business model for future generations to come.

If you’d like to help or want more info, check us out at getadmiral.com

"VRM is focused on respecting visitors as people, not numbers and statistics. Relationships matter, and relationships drive revenue and sustainability, for individual publishers and the Internet as a whole."


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