Trust is Earned. Loyalty Is The Result

The advertising and media landscape remained relatively unchanged from the introduction of television in the late 40’s up until the internet and mobile world exploded with Facebook, YouTube and the iPhone. As previously sponsored television content moved to streaming ad-free formats like Netflix, advertising struggled to maintain consumer attention and tolerance.

By 2017, advertiser frustration with digital advertising and the lack of real, human exposure to ads reached a tipping point and overwhelmed consumers continued to turn away from ad-supported experiences.

Around the same time that consumers and advertisers were reaching the height of their frustrations, Adjoy founder Susan O’Neal realized that consumer relationships built on manipulation could never be as valuable or as sustainable as consumer relationships built on the same values that create trust between human beings — transparency, mutual benefit and trust. Based on these principles and ideals, Adjoy was founded in Tampa, Fla. in 2014 to create the conditions under which a real trust and authentic loyalty could be cultivated between consumers and companies.


Deep in the heart of West Tampa sits the historic Santaella Cigar Factory, which during its heyday touted Babe Ruth and Sir Winston Churchill as its most frequent customers. Today, the rustic brick walls and aged pine floors primarily house artist studios and a fast-growing technology startup seeking to drastically change the way advertising is delivered to consumers.

In 2015, Susan and long-time Tampa tech industry veteran Marvin Scaff set out to build a team focused on elevating the ad industry from one that exploited consumer’s time and attention to one that honored it, and by empowering consumers to become active partners with the advertisers they care about.


Today, Adjoy is a revolutionary marketplace enabling advertisers to buy time and attention direction from consumers, instead of via the media companies and social media platforms. In their downtime, while on break at work, by the pool relaxing, or sitting in car line, Adjoy users choose to mutually interact with the advertisers of their choosing, ranging from entertaining videos and other interactions. In return for spending their valuable time with the advertisers, Adjoy users are compensated for their time.

By creating this new attention marketplace, Adjoy lives and advances company and consumer’s own understanding that every moment of every life has value.


Being in the Tampa Bay area is extremely important to building the workplace culture at Adjoy. Cuban sandwiches, craft beer, flip flops and dog-friendly restaurants are commonplace in Tampa and the Adjoy offices are no different.

Susan O’Neal sums up the Adjoy culture with, “Life is better in Tampa, no matter who you are or how you measure your life. The talented professionals that choose Tampa have chosen to create their life, rather than react to it. Adjoy taps into the passion of these professionals to power this advertising revolution.”

The Adjoy team expects to continue to grow in size and influence, to contribute to the higher evolution of the advertising and marketing industry as well as serve as a beacon for what’s possible in beautiful Tampa Bay.


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