Is Part Of Respol Group, A Global Player In The Pine Chemical Industry. Acton It Provides A Team With Extensive Experience In SAP Business One And SAP HANA From SAP, The World Leader In ERP Solutions.




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We follow the latest trends in technology, offering the perfect fit to our customer’s needs, effective solutions that enhance business activity and leads to achieving competitive advantages.


All our products incorporate interoperability mechanisms for information systems, including support for Industry 4.0, namely IOT, Machine Learning and remote monitoring. Specific developments for the meat, fruit, food, wine, olive and forestry industries are available as ready to use products.

Our most recent project, “remote sensing” allows the collection of satellite images and diagnose different values on the earth’s surface. In the agro-industrial area this technology provides fruit counting, helps diagnose crop pests, measures product maturity levels, quantifies productions, analyses water saturation levels in the soil, among other features. For forestry it is a technology that enables users to manage large areas of forest through an interactive platform and identifies the evolution of combustible organic material such as other key threat parameters. It becomes easier to carry out forest management and substantially reduces the risk of wildfires.


Among other success stories, we are proud to present Santini, a manufacturer of artisanal ice cream. Santini uses SAP Business One ERP for SMEs to efficiently manage the entire operation, from manufacturing to distribution and logistics, including all points of sale.

The end-to-end solution implemented at Santini ranges from the reception of fresh or raw materials and other goods to the production of ice cream with all traceability and food security processes until the moment when the final product is delivered to the consumer. From administrative and logistical tasks to production and quality control, all work is supported by the SAP Business One version for SAP HANA implemented by ACTON IT.


Vertical integration of production processes in SAP Business One is provided by TraceOne, a solution for touchscreen devices developed by ACTON IT. In addition, inventory control and logistics operations are integrated into a tailor-made portal, specifically designed to meet SANTINI’s needs.

Check out the full story on our YouTube channel: “ACTON IT”, from where we quote “Before SAP Business One, we did not have a real sense of our stocks of raw materials and subsidiary materials”.


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