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ActiveCampaign is the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), helping businesses across the world meaningfully engage with their customers. Our platform gives businesses of all sizes access to 820+ prebuilt automations that combine email marketing, marketing automation and CRM for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat and text.


Ultimately, our mission is to help businesses grow, so we keep that in mind as we develop the product. In practice, that means that our whole company is focused on the needs of our customers, as well as our customers’ customers. Legacy marketing automation and CRM solutions don’t work for 99% of businesses because they’re too complicated to use and cost is out of reach. At ActiveCampaign, we give businesses of all sizes access to the tools that make sense for their unique business in an accessible format.


Our origin story

Every superhero has an origin story, doesn’t it? Our story started in 2003, when it was founded by Jason VandeBoom as an on-premise software consultancy. In 2013, Jason and his team consolidated from eight products to one and transitioned from an on-premise software to a Software as a Service (SaaS) business. ActiveCampaign has grown from $20 million in funding with 20 employees in 2016, to over $360 million in funding with 1,000 employees today. Today, ActiveCampaign has hubs across 5 continents and helps over 180,000 customers in 170 countries.

Jason’s dream was to build a company that helps businesses grow. He believes that a lot of the best innovation comes out of smaller companies, so he provided the services that allow innovative brands to grow. He has been able to accomplish this with ActiveCampaign’s personalized, automation-first approach, allowing teams to save time, connect with customers, and grow.


Customer experience is everything In our eyes, customer experience is everything. What if your products and services were always backed with a personal connection? What if you could accomplish this without sacrificing your time or resources? Customer experience automation helps you do just that, by giving you the tools to help automate a personal experience for every customer – across their entire customer journey.

Our CXA platform is unique. At ActiveCampaign, we give customers the tools they need to propel their businesses to the next level, at an affordable cost. With customer experience automation, our customers have seen exponential growth, revenues, and applause. We continue to innovate our SaaS business by adding new features, templates, and services. In 2021, we strengthened our promise of providing solutions that enable companies to deliver unique experiences by implementing automations leveraging Custom Objects. This has enabled us to democratize data visibility, flexibility, and actionable insights for use across a business’s entire tech stack.

Along with our continuous growth, the ActiveCampaign team is very proud of the satisfaction of our customers. We are so committed to our customers’ success, we guarantee it. With our Customer Success Commitment, we’re the only Customer Experience Automation platform provider promising excellence in value, service, trust, and access.


ActiveCampaign team culture From the start, one of Jason’s goals was to keep the supportive culture of his business alive. He believes it is one of the most critical requirements to our businesses success. Our core values are baked into everything the company does: ‘pursue growth with gratitude’, ‘cultivate inclusion & diversity’, ‘create wow’, ‘start with trust’, ‘Iterate everything, always’, and ‘Make the customer a hero”. These values don’t just apply to work with customers but are also integral to the workplace and are why we have such a committed and dedicated workforce. ActiveCampaign brings these values to life with a company wide Variety Show, employee recognition programs, our Swag Shop, and more!

ActiveCampaign has had significant success within its own sphere and its 180,000 global customers are seeing incredible growth, longevity and innovation. Looking towards the future, we are excited to grow ActiveCampaign by activating more SaaS features and reaching even more businesses globally.

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