Activated Research Company

Creating the Building Blocks of Chemical Analysis




ARC’s award-winning products have applications in health, energy, and chemicals with a core focus in the analysis of organic chemicals. ARC has spearheaded catalytic microreactor technology utilizing the latest in metal 3D printing to disrupt chromatography markets. Our first product, the Polyarc®, improves workflow, decreases waste, and increases worker safety in the $7 billion global gas-chromatography market. New products include improved detectors and detector add-ons for the analysis of biopharmaceutics, foods and carbohydrates, polymers, fuels, and more. ARC products are prevalent in laboratories across the world at Fortune 100 companies including ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, DuPont, 3M, and more.

ARC is unique in the space of chemical analysis due to our company’s expertise in catalysis and reactor design, which we pair with 3D printing to create products that are first-of-their-kind. The commonality between all of our products is that they’ve been designed with the goal of solving scientists’ problems and making their analyses simpler.

Our flagship product, the Polyarc system, is an innovation that adds to 60-year-old technology to make chemical analysis easier and safer across industries like biofuels, pharmaceuticals, flavor and fragrance, chemicals, and more.

We’ve continued to build upon the success of the Polyarc by releasing additional products. These include the Jetanizer, which streamlines and miniaturizes existing technology by over tenfold, simplifying analyses that are essential for air monitoring and chemical production. ARC has received funding from the Partnership for Clean Competition to create a new reactor to aid in anti-doping testing and applications for clean sport and has also secured a partnership with NASA sub-contractor KBRWyle to develop a microreactor for water testing in space. We’ve also been innovating on existing technologies, like the O FID, by listening to customer feedback and developing a product that’s more robust and safer to use.

Finally, we’re extremely excited about our next product launch, which is revolutionizing the way scientists perform liquid chromatography. The product, the Solvere™, has the potential to positively impact the speed of new drug development and lead to cleaner and more  advanced pharmaceuticals. This is a product that scientists in industry have been asking for, due to deficiencies with existing technology

ARC is made up of an amazing team who, at the core, all have a passion for innovation. The company was founded by Andrew Jones, a chemical engineer, and Brad Cleveland, a seasoned Minnesota entrepreneur, who met through a mentorship program at the University of Minnesota. Brad’s business acumen paired with Andrew’s technical aptitude laid the groundwork for the success that ARC has experienced. As the company grew, team members were brought on in sales/ marketing, operations, and R&D capacities. The qualifications and unique experiences of ARC’s team members help drive the company’s success, from receiving NSF grant funding for novel R&D projects to securing business relationships with the biggest OEMs in the industry.

Future Plans.
Since ARC’s founding, the team has doubled in size and continues to grow as we expand our R&D, operations, and sales teams. As ARC grows, we’re excited to make headways in the fields of healthcare and energy by continuing to create products that will change peoples’ lives and improve human health.

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