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AccountabilIT provides broad-spectrum managed services—from traditional infrastructure services to 24×7 end-user service desk to cybersecurity services—with an emphasis on moving businesses from legacy environments to the cloud.

AccountabilIT’s name comes from the quality its founders most value in their business: “We recognize that issues are not always our fault, but they’re always our problem,” says CEO Chuck Vermillion. Focused on small and mid-sized businesses, AccountabilIT provides everything from 24/7 end-user service desk to securing an organization’s entire IT environment with their security services.

“Not many managed services providers our size can do that,” says Brian Lamberger, VP of Sales. “It’s an impressively broad spectrum of services.”

AccountabilIT aims to make IT more of a utility, so that when a client comes to work, they don’t have to wrestle with their IT. Instead, they can focus on their business and its productivity. AccountabilIT manages these systems—and the resultant peace of mind—at a fraction of what it would cost for companies to manage them in-house. By aggregating demand, leveraging tool sets, and by working from their own offices, AccountabilIT can concentrate its expertise and deliver excellent value from its efficiency and scale.

The company’s satisfaction rates speak for themselves. A recent NetPromoter rating, which measures customer satisfaction where 70 is considered world class, awarded AccountabilIT a score of 74. “That’s on par with companies best known for their customer services, like Starbucks and Costco,” says CEO Chuck Vermillion.

In addition to their own combined decades of experience, the founders of AccountabilIT credit their location with their success. The metro Phoenix area is the one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the U.S., and whether they are established businesses looking to leave their legacy systems behind, or startups who must outsource their IT needs to focus on the core of their business, Phoenix companies need the variety of the services AccountabilIT offers.

Another mark of AccountabilIT’s quality of work is that it was chosen to manage the Arizona Technology Council’s IT systems. ATC is the leading aggregator organization of its kind, with over 800 technology businesses in the Phoenix area as members—many of whom have brought on AccountabilIT to manage their services as well.

AccountabilIT’s clients know they can trust the company to manage their IT needs today, and as time passes and their demand for cybersecurity increases, AccountabilIT will be able to say it’s already got them covered. By the team’s estimation, only 5–10% of all small and midsize companies have any kind of cybersecurity protection, which is one of AccountabilIT’s specialties.

Like its other services, AccountabilIT provides 24/7 cybersecurity services for a fraction of what it would cost a company to employ a single full-time employee to do the same.

“If cybersecurity isn’t top of mind for almost any business already,” Brian says, “it soon will be, because that company, sooner or later, could get breached.”

But with AccountabilIT’s expertise, affordability, and world-class customer service, cybersecurity—or any IT need—no longer has to be a source of anxiety for businesses. Applications and implications of technology and the cloud are growing fast, but AccountabilIT is keeping pace.

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