Innovation Is A Long And Complex Process. It All Starts With An Idea That Evolves Until It Is Implemented, Ensuring Value Creation. Throughout This Process, It Is Necessary To Guarantee All The Essential Capabalities To Put Each Step Into Practice

Accenture is a global professional services organization, a leader in digital, cloud, and security capabilities. Combining an unparalleled experience with a strong specialization in more than 40 sectors of activity, it offers a wide range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology, and operations, supported by the largest worldwide network of advanced technology and intelligent operations centers.

Accenture’s more than 537,000 professionals deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity every day by serving customers in more than 120 countries, using the power of change to create value and shared success with clients, employees, shareholders, partners, and society.

With more than 30 years of history in Portugal and now with more than +3.600 people, Accenture Portugal reflects on what is the company’s greatest assets to its growth: talented people and its offer of end-to-end services.

Accenture’s innovation centers in Portugal stand out across the world for its work focused on providing value to the company and to its stakeholders, through strong competencies and an extensive network of talent and partners.

Portugal Advanced Technology Centers
The Portugal Advanced Technology Centers, located in Lisbon and Braga, provide access to the most specialized talent and extensive knowledge of various industries, designed to apply state-of-the-art developing methodologies that assure the best in innovation, quality, and budget compromise for businesses. Since 2014, the center offers highly professional services to clients based in more than 30 different countries.

Intelligent Operations Centers
Based in Lisbon, the Intelligent Operations Centers build and scale intelligent operating models to drive sustainable growth for businesses from several sectors with speed, certainty, and security for their operations. With seamless integration between services, these centers combine the high expertise of its professionals with bold digital technologies to create measurable value with impacting outcomes.

INSURE – Intelligent Insurance Operations
INSURE is a center of intelligent operations for insurance, located in Lisbon and dedicated to supporting global clients, combining the deep experience of the industry with the best of technological innovation and an extended network of talent, reinforced by several Insurtechs.

It creates specialized, innovative, and relevant solutions, contributing to increasing the efficiency of processes and client satisfaction. Driven by artificial intelligence, analytics, and technology, Accenture supports its clients by advising how to create better offers, grow their business and optimize their investments.

The Bay
In early 2020, Accenture Portugal launched the THE BAY. An innovation ecosystem with the participation of various partners – universities, Fintechs and Insurtechs, among others – to promote the introduction of new solutions and skills for banks and insurers in Europe to meet the needs of their end clients, capitalizing on new artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

The dynamic of the relationship between consumers is changing, and the demands for mobility, simplicity, and personalization are continually increasing. For these reasons, Accenture promotes this habitat to make available solutions incorporating startup products and seek to rethink and personalize the services to be offered to the end consumer.

AI Store: Center of Excellence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for retail with impact on sustainability
We are currently going through a health crisis that exposed the urgent need for business in general, and retail in particular, to address the issue of sustainability strategically.

The formal constitution of the AI Store allowed an important market gap to be filled, offering proven capabilities and an ecosystem conducive to innovation and the transformation of the retail sector in the direction of adopting an increasingly sustainable paradigm.

Digital Transformation CoLab
Digital Transformation CoLab is a collaborative laboratory for the industry X.0 COLAB DTx themes, of which Accenture is a part, alongside other multinationals and higher education institutions.

DTx works at the intersection of the physical, digital and cyber domains, to create the next generation of evolved cyber-physical systems, which can blur the boundary between the real and the virtual world.

Smart Energy Lab (SEL)
In 2019, Accenture started a new adventure in the innovation area in a partnership with a utilities player. The Smart Energy Lab identifies and pursues new opportunities generated by the disruption of market standards that new players, new technologies, the transformation of mobility, and the change in consumption patterns have brought.

Nano Lab Lisbon
Based in Lisbon, Accenture has an innovation unit, the Nano Lab Lisbon, focused on research and incubation of new concepts, through applied R + D projects, which have a significant short-term impact on its clients’ businesses.

Accenture believes that the current acceleration towards digital presents an opportunity to create a better future for everyone. The strategy is to develop a responsible business in all services provided to its clients, as well as in the way Accenture operates.

The new purpose called “deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity”, will guide the strategy, priorities, and opportunities for the company. This purpose is based on the creativity and talent of the people and the commitment to the correct use of technology to deliver value to all of its stakeholders.

As innovation is key for the future of organizations, Accenture soon expects to have three (3) recognitions in the scope of innovation:
1. Recognition of suitability in the practice of R&D activities (innovation and development):

This recognition is evaluated and granted by the National Innovation Agency (ANI) and allows the company to stand out from its competitors and establish new partnerships in the realization of R&D projects, including access to financing from R&D support funds.

2. Implementation of the innovation management system, according to the international standard ISO 56002, to continuously improve its performance in terms of innovation and bet on a differentiation of the market through its structure, investment, and development of innovation activities and development.

3. Obtaining innovation scoring at the COTEC platform: Through the submission of an information questionnaire, innovation scoring is a tool for assessing innovation performance and benchmarking, which distinguishes the companies with the best innovation performance. With Innovation Scoring it is possible to evaluate and compare Accenture’s innovation performance. It is a tool to support the company’s strategic reflection with the involvement of employees.

Immerse yourself in innovation in its purest form and discover how to transform your business through Accenture’s network of innovation centers in Portugal.


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