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We design our workflow to be centered around the customer

Accelerate is a digital marketing agency that was started in 2019. Our pricing model and services are designed to be outcome-based. We design our workflow to be centered around the customer. We  specialize in social media and content creation. Our focus is to engage and grow our clients’  customer  base to create meaningful interactions that benefit both parties.

Accelerate is passionate about making an impact in our local community and give employees days off each year to donate their time to causes that  are important to them.

Our focus and ability are to tell your story. Each client that comes to us for help is unique in their own way. As people push for automated posting software and generic content posts, consumers and potential clients are quickly becoming immune to the oversaturated blah that is pushed in front of them.

Intelligent, thoughtful, targeted content is more important than ever to gain attention as the digital airwaves are flooded more and more generic, useless content every day in hopes of hacking social platform algorithms and getting a few more likes. Accelerate moves in a different direction altogether and our results speak for themselves.

Gainesville is a small city that thinks big! It offers top-tier sports, a nationally renowned university, and world-class healthcare system that is beyond the average city of our size. Throw in a pinch of young talent and add in the flavor of the family dynamics and you have a melting pot of opportunity for young professionals eager to make their mark on the Greater Gainesville area and the world.

When starting a small business, consistency is key. Accelerate came into existence to be the constant presence that small and medium-sized businesses need in order to grow their digital presence. Whether you are starting a podcast, growing on Instagram, building a mailing list for your company/blog, or trying to engage more on your Facebook posts, the one thing that will ultimately win the day is a strategy of consistent, long-term value and engagement. Most people stop 80% of their social media activity or quit altogether within 6 months of starting a business, which is why so many organizations have a hard time driving ROI on social media.

Accelerate Digital Agency

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