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Our purpose is to challenge the norm and utilize intelligent systems to design solutions that optimize delivery of care. accelEQ’s technology and strategies eliminate waste, promote transparency, reduce cost, and empower all those involved in the healthcare system.


accelEQ is the premier virtual care platform that utilizes intelligent systems to enhance the patient/provider lifecycle. Through our innovative virtual communication modules medical professionals can efficiently interact with patients to deliver quality care and provide appropriate treatment plans. Our platform reduces wasted time by tracking interactions, automating scheduling and transcribing of notes all of which are saved directly to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR). Through our care delivery optimization we efficiently coordinate care between speciality providers and primary care physicians by automatically communicating admissions, discharges , and treatment plans. The accelEQ platform streamlines disparate systems and provides an end-to-end solution that empowers medical providers and their patients to effectuate real change within the healthcare system.


The story of accelEQ starts in 2014 when Omar Fuentes’ (CEO and Founder of aEQ) father passed away after recovering from a major stroke while dealing with diabetes. His father did not receive the care he needed and passed away prematurely. In 2019 Omar Fuentes left a successful 18 year career within healthcare to start a health benefits consulting company. Focused on levering technology to create greater efficiency and drive down costs Omar launched his company in the first quarter of 2020. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This caused Omar to reevaluate the company’s business model, the true need within healthcare, and where they could make the biggest impact. In their research it was evident that resource constraints, time and efficiency pressures on the patient/provider lifecycle created process inefficiencies, ineffective health outcomes, and an increase in cost. So, in 2021 accelEQ (aEQ) was born to address these issues and provide innovative healthcare solutions to fit the needs of medical professionals and their patients. During this time Omar and his family dealt the passing of his brother due to suicide and his wife, after three long years of health issues, being diagnosied with hodgkin’s lymphoma. This fueled the  and resolve of the company  accelEQ calls Tampa Bay home, which has provided opportunities to be a part of multiple innovative organizations such as Synapse, Bunker Labs, and the Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses. Being part of a city full of innovation has accelerated the company from an idea to development and now to practical application.


accelEQ’s focus is to continue to build its innovative platform, empower medical professionals to effectively provide quality care in the most efficient manner, ultimately making a positive impact to their patients’ health and wellbeing.



” For far too long healthcare has been plagued by inefficiencies and cost. It’s time for real change and to challenge the norm”.

Omar Fuentes, CEO ,USMC Veteran

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