Abilitie offers world-class leadership development experiences that inspire, shape and develop people through differentiated learning programs, tools for self-discovery, and networks that expand opportunities.


The most transformational training hinges on experiential learning. This belief drives Abilitie’s team-based leadership simulations which put participants under pressure in rich, complex environments that simulate real-world business challenges. Business leaders from around the world have honed their leadership and business acumen skills as participants of Abilitie simulations, both through in-person experiences and in virtual


Our company’s story started in the early 2000s when Abilitie founder, Bjorn Billhardt, developed our first simulation learning experience in collaboration with his professors at Harvard Business School. The desire to create engaging learning experiences came from Bjorn’s realization that the deepest learning went beyond interesting concepts or frameworks — all learning that creates real change has something in common. It’s experiential. This spark continues to drive Abilitie’s team to create top-of the-line offerings that incorporate competition, collaboration, gamification, and social connection.

Since those early days, Abilitie has grown to work with over 40 of the top global businesses and has delivered programs in more than 30 countries. We now offer simulation experiences focused on people management, financial literacy, business savvy, cross-functional communication, resilience to ambiguity, strategic decision-making, and more. We are thrilled to work with clients and partners who share our passion for a “learn-by-doing” approach to development. This passion is summarized by a favorite quote around the office from Irish poet William Butler Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” In the spirit of this symbolic fire, the team continues to innovate. To achieve our mission of supporting self-discovery and expanding networks of opportunity, in 2019 we rolled out the Invited MBA.


The part-time, 12-week Invited MBA program is built around experiential learning. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds come together to receive mentorship from top business leaders, to compete in Abilitie’s flagship simulations, and to collaborate on Action Learning Projects that solve real business problems. At the end of the Invited MBA program, participants have developed actionable skills that will propel them forward in their careers. They also join the Invited MBA network – an active community of high-achieving individuals from a variety of sectors which can serve as a support system as they continue to grow.

While Abilitie works globally, Austin, Texas provides a perfect home base. Our team enjoys the culture and environment offered by Central Texas as well as the growing tech scene. We take full advantage of all the city has to offer with group outings to kayak the Colorado River, visiting local breweries, and volunteering with local education nonprofits. As a part of our mission to expand access to educational opportunities, we have been privileged to partner with local professional groups like the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce, Young Women’s Alliance, and the Austin Tech Alliance through our “Think Like a CEO” workshop and with scholarships for participation in Abilitie’s Invited MBA program.


Though 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, we are proud to say our team was able to rely upon our years of experience delivering virtual training and rapidly adjusted to a “remote-first world”. This allowed us to remain competitive and support our clients and partners with limited disruption of our services. The entire team at Abilitie remained confident in our capacity to maintain high quality experiential learning programs in the virtual environment as the world embraced decentralized working and flexible education.

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