A-Player Media, Inc.





A-Player Media, Inc., is a branded events and entertainment company, based in Austin, Texas. We are deeply passionate about live events and the stories that are created from them. Since 2016, we have created, promoted, and produced hundreds of original live events throughout the Central Texas area for both local and worldwide brands.

Our vision is to empower the next generation of creatives and performing artists with an engaged community that supports their growth by opening. We open doors for creatives to work with brands and companies on collaborative live event experiences. What makes us unique is the ability to share those moments again and again with our content capture capabilities, giving brands a variety of post-event engagement opportunities and attendees the ability to relive those same magical moments.


A-Player Media was founded at the end of 2016 with the mission to work with the best and brightest ‘A-Players” in live entertainment, producing the next generation of event experiences. We’re a team of seasoned creatives and producers with nearly 30 years experience running live events throughout Central Texas, leveraging seamless execution, innovative content capture design and a cultivated network of active creative professionals and thought leaders in event curation.

From conferences and trade shows to full-scale music festivals, APM’s deep live event expertise enables brands the ability to tap into new audiences and expand their network in a fluid and personalized way. We empower creatives with the engage attendees when it’s over. APM incorporates innovative new methods of storytelling like virtual and augmented immersion technologies and branded live streams that expand the reach of an event without dampening the live experience for attendees. Without stellar creative storytellers that can bring an event back to life for attendees to re-live, and the event simply lacks the emotional resonance that becomes an enduring memory.

As we approach the new decade, A-Player Media aims to scale up original branded event programming with a festival that combines daytime content from leaders in creative arts and an evening music showcases spanning a variety of genres and performing artists. Additionally, we seek to become a major distribution point for branded video and digital content that focuses caters to live events. While our company continues to grow, we will never waiver from our mission to blend creative artistry and emerging media technology with live events in a way that audiences from across the country can engage and connect, fostering enduring and long lifelong memories. If our attendees leave an event  feeling joy, awe, and passion for more, we’ve done our job.

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