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86 Repairs is the repair and maintenance management platform built for the restaurant industry. Our tech-enabled solution includes on-demand repair management and preventative maintenance. With 86 Repairs, restaurants have access to data-driven insights and 24/7 support to control their facilities, reduce their R&M costs, and spend less of their team’s time on equipment repairs.

86 Repairs manages the repair and maintenance process for more than one thousand restaurant operators nationwide, from full service and fine dining to fast-casual and quick-service franchises.

When both quick-service chains and large-scale restaurant groups feel stuck managing the painful maintenance process, Daniel Estrada, CEO and Co-Founder, and his team at 86 Repairs save the day with their tech-enabled solution made for restaurant equipment repairs.

A first-generation American, Daniel is a natural-born entrepreneur who committed to tackling one of the largest and most costly pain points in the restaurant industry: repairs and maintenance. Daniel and co-founder, Joe Gallagher, heard the same complaints about R&M from operators nationwide—wasted time and money without any data, efficiency, or transparency.

No one gets into the restaurant industry to manage repairs and maintenance. Yet R&M alone costs operators over 26 million dollars a year—up to three percent of annual revenue (if not more). Mismanagement and inefficiencies lead to lost revenue from equipment downtime and decreased customer satisfaction from unexpected shutdowns. Considering the labor shortage and supply chain strains the industry faces today, every dollar and second of their team’s time counts.

Unfortunately, operators have been left in the dark when it comes to repairs. Without accurate, actionable data, consistency across locations or transparency on prices and providers is impossible. The expensive and time-consuming reality of managing repairs detracts and distracts from an operator’s ability to effectively run their front-of-house operations and achieve any plans to scale or grow.

We are innovators. Our innovation is our approach to solving the repair and maintenance problem in a way that has never been done before—the data has never been aggregated and interpreted to provide real-time insights and recommendations to save customers time, money, and headaches.

Repairs and maintenance has a reputation of pain and complexity, but with 86 Repairs, managing R&M is as simple as sending a text. Our on-demand repair management solution offers 24/7 support from seasoned team members, most of whom have industry experience. However, it’s our access to industry-wide data and insights that truly sets us apart from other software and tools in the space. We created an innovative solution to this confusing, costly, time-consuming problem – not just another software teams don’t want or need.

Likewise, we provide our customers with visibility, consistency, and control over their operations so that they are able to innovate within their own businesses. Strategic growth is nearly impossible without getting repairs under control.

It’s clear that restaurant operators are leaning into this new way of managing R&M and embracing back-of-house tech as a crucial next step in innovation. Operators are seeking hands-off, consistent, and transparent management and 86 Repairs provides the simple solution for on-demand repairs and preventative maintenance.

Armed with formerly untapped data and insights, we’re looking forward to growing our capabilities and expanding our portfolio of customer restaurants to provide end-to-end management for operators of every size and segment.

86 Repairs is more committed than ever to making equipment run longer and work smarter, not harder, with ever-expanding preventative care recommendations and on-demand R&M support. As we move into 2022, we’re hoping to use this year to grow as a platform and become the true one-stop shop for back-of-house for our operators.

If our customers are passionate about making the food customers crave, we promise to keep the equipment running and working just as hard as they are.

While it should be obvious that foodservice equipment needs to be maintained, many operators ignore necessary repairs and preventive maintenance until it’s too late. Unfortunately, duct tape and a prayer are rarely a suitable solution—and a broken fryer can be the difference between KFC and FCK.

Think of our solution as Facilities as a Service instead of Software as a Service. Our team is responsible for owning the data and the process from end to end, including scheduling, communication, follow-up, and data tracking.

For operators to stay ahead, they need to invest in solutions like 86 Repairs that bring aggregated data, streamlined processes, and transformative technology to the table.

86 Repairs was named one of Chicago Inno’s 21 Startups to Watch in 2021, The Spoon’s Restaurant Tech 10, winner of the Rising Star Award for 1871’s Momentum Awards, and included in the Top 40 finalists for the 2021 Chicago Innovation Awards.

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