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7Factor Software was founded on human-centric principles held fiercely true at every step in their work to design, develop, deploy, and maintain well-engineered software solutions for tech-forward enterprises and ambitious start-ups with great ideas and a commitment to quality. They tackle their clients’ most unique problems, empowering them to seize new opportunities and enhance operations. They work with smart people who value excellence and help them grow.

7Factor Senior Leadership Team. From left to right: Allen Brooks, Director of Engineering; Sarah Dant, Director of Client Services; Alyssa Tichenor, Director of Marketing.”

Throughout this, 7Factor is firm in their stance that “grind” or “hustle culture” ultimately leads to burnout, employee dissatisfaction, and inefficient coding solutions. Instead, they believe that instilling a generative culture allows people to feel supported to do their best work.

7Factor believes:

  • That small, high-performing teams of engineers are the irreducible unit of quality software solutions.
  • That software engineering teams should be managed by engineers.
  • In relentless improvement and uncompromising excellence in our craft.
  • In kind candor, balanced lives, and grace.
Jeremy Duvall, CEO

This means 7Factor approaches every estimate as a conversation in a culture of mutual trust. In order to take on interesting challenges that stretch everyone’s minds as they serve their clients well, instead of deadlines and tickets, the 7Factor team leads with mission and vision. They believe that every collaboration is a conversation, and every project is a journey of exploration that cannot — and should not — be fully planned out in advance.

7Factor believes that in engineering, as in life, the good stuff is often not what we plan before we start. It’s what we find along the way. To accomplish this, they are guided by the seven factors that underlie their name:

Factor 1 Teach and Elevate to strengthen the team, making all those around you better.

Factor 2 Automate Everything in order to refactor fearlessly. Improvement is never done.

Factor 3 Do No Harm. Hold one another accountable. Do the right thing, always.

Factor 4 Curiosity is the chief architect. Embrace change, and thrive in uncertainty.

Factor 5 Equality and Diversity are first class citizens.

Factor 6 Good Things. Build good things. Every time.

Factor 7 Love what you do.

Living by these principles requires thoughtful intention, with heightened dedication as the size of their company continues to grow. But 7Factor understands that when we all intentionally keep in mind that bigger isn’t better; better is better — we can build good things.

“7Factor originated from the idea of doing things right, the first time,” explains Founder and CEO Jeremy Duvall. “The growth we have undergone in the past seven years is a testament to the significance of our approach to solving real world problems.”

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