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Developing Solutions To Simultaneously Provide A Cost-effective Means Of Optimizing Vehicle Health While Reducing Carbon Emissions




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4.0 Analytics, Inc. (4AI) is a software and data analytics company specializing in vehicle engine and emission system diagnostics using wireless technology. 4AI developed Mechanic on Board® (MoB) technology to assist fleet owners and motorists optimize vehicle engine efficiencies while also reducing operating costs and carbon emissions. MoB technology can be applied to over 250 million vehicles in the USA and over 1 billion globally.

Mark Scotland, President & CEO – 4.0 Analytics

4.0 Analytics, Inc. (4AI) is a software and data analytics company in the wireless connected vehicle segment who developed Mechanic on Board® (MoB) technology for commercial fleets and motorists. MoB brings the power of software, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, Big-Data & Remote Analytics to optimize vehicle engine and emission systems to lower operating costs and reduce carbon emissions. Using proprietary algorithms and a wireless interface device that plugs into a vehicle to transmit data, MoB enables realtime monitoring of the vehicle’s health while in-operation, converting the data into actionable alerts (along with requisite in-depth diagnostic data) to avoid expensive failures and stranded vehicles/owners. The result is better fuel efficiencies, lower maintenance costs and increased vehicle life, for a high return-on-investment. MoB also enables next generation remote diagnostics and emission testing and compliance thus eliminating the need, cost and inconvenience of manual emission testing. The resulting cost savings impact to taxpayers and governmental agencies could reach billions annually.

One of 4AI’s core goals is having a measurable “social impact” in reducing carbon emissions on a global scale by focusing on optimizing existing fossil fuel vehicles which are currently a top source of green-house-gas (GHG) emissions. 4AI has demonstrated the ability to assist fleet owners with a technology and system that provides a return-on-investment through fuel and maintenance cost savings while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. Although supportive of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, even EV experts and supporters acknowledge fossil fuel vehicles will be dominant for many decades. Since the world is currently experiencing the devastating impact of Climate Change, a priority must be placed on viable solutions that can be implemented today as future solutions evolve.

4AI has established a public-private partnership model for reducing carbon emissions within communities by creating VERGZ™, a voluntary emission vehicle “Green Zone” initiative adopted by communities who have local government support. The initial goal is for government fleets to lead by example by adopting MoB technology on a percentage of their own fleet vehicles and then encourage and incentivize private sector businesses with vehicles to voluntarily participate. Since MoB provides a strong ROI, additional government incentives would encourage even greater participation, hence greater emission reductions.

This new “fleet greening” process has proven effective and less costly than “traditional” fleet greening methods of only replacing a scrapped (end of useful life) vehicle with a new vehicle. MoB technology can be deployed on close to 100 vehicles, based on a fleet’s characteristics, for the cost of one new vehicle. The VERGZ™ Green Zone initiative represents a cost-effective solution which can be implemented across the spectrum of both fleet and consumer vehicles internationally. The potential impact on reducing global carbon emissions is significant.

4AI impacts the public and private sector ecosystem by opening new employment opportunities for multiple skill levels within the Automotive Aftermarket (marketing, management and sales); Mobile Auto Repair technicians; Auto Inspection Facilities; Fleet Management; Tech Support Call Centers; System Dashboard Management; Data Analyst; Software Developers; Technical Trainers (computer and auto repair); System Installations.

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