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We are the first boutique, luxury co-working space in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. Building meaningful networks and relationships in our community is our top priority.

Newark, New Jersey, is experiencing a boom in real estate development from luxury high-rise apartment buildings to trendy eateries; the city is experiencing a renaissance. Many people are moving to Newark for the affordability and easy access into New York City and the close proximity to Newark International Airport.

The rich culture of the place affectionately known as “Brick City” is one of the reasons the partners at 3rd Space decided to call Newark home. Located just 649 steps away from Newark Penn Station, 3rd Space is a family-owned and internally financed coworking space in the heart of Newark that strives to build a diverse community reflective of the city’s residents.

In addition to offering private offices, conference rooms, a podcast recording studio, and a café, 3rd Space offers event programming that engages the community for artistic expression and social justice causes.

Since the day 3rd Space opened the doors for business, they have invested in the local community. For example, the walls of 3rd Space are graced with Newark Arts High School student artwork.

“The project is one that we wanted to take on as a family business. Once the decision was made to open a coworking space, we looked at a few New Jersey cities. The first time we came to Newark, we knew we had to be here. There is a vibrancy here that hits you immediately, and we are happy and proud to be a part of the Newark community,” said 3rd Space president, Jennifer Donnolo.

“We are new business owners here in Newark and our backgrounds include education and social work,” said Donnolo. “The artwork is masterful and most people who come into our space are shocked to find out that the remarkable paintings and photographic images were created by high school students. By fostering this relationship, we are able to promote the value of arts education and provide a great sense of accomplishment to the community.”

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