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At last, a disruptive technology in the world of search engines for the industry!

Nowadays, most products are designed in 3D before they hit the road. Although these new products will most likely contain an innovation, not every part needs to be created from scratch. A new car might feature a new engine while many of its other components might remain the same. This applies to most of the industrial equipment. When a new product is released, typically 15-21% of its components are duplicates or nearby duplicates of parts found in products available in their current catalog. 3DPartFinder puts an end to this nonsense!

Tight schedules, the ease of creating new parts and, more importantly, the lack of tools to avoid creating those similar parts are the main contributors to part proliferation. Just think for a moment how many “brackets” with different shapes there are in your car. Now if you are a designer in the automotive industry and search for a specific part using the keyword “bracket”, you end up with too many results and not enough time to open all the 3D files only to find out they have the wrong shape and size for your application. Fact: you can hardly describe a unique shape using words!

This is where 3DPartFinder, 3DSemantix’s shape-based search engine, comes into play. 3DPartFinder does for parts what Google® does with text: It finds and displays parts identical or similar to the inquiry using a 3D model as the search key!

Suitable matches are displayed in 3D and are ranked according to their level of similarity. The benefits are cost reductions and a shorter development cycle. Moreover, the know-how of the company is translated into their designs. When someone finds an existing part relevant to its design, it automatically accesses the know-how to reuse it or to inspire his new design.


Montreal is a world-leading 3D cluster!

Montreal has been a hub for 3D technologies for several decades. Whether you think of graphics and imaging cards, 3D Computer-Aided Design systems (CAD), 3D Gaming software, 3D scanning cameras, 3D special effects in movies, many products in the field of 3D were born in Montreal. Not surprisingly, 3DPartFinder shape-based search engine was invented here in Montreal.

3DSemantix was founded in 2011 by passionate entrepreneurs with world-class expertise in 3D model analysis and 3D data extraction. 3DPartFinder is the result of more than 12 years of research and a spin-off of ÉTS Engineering University.


3DPartFinder on the web

3DPartFinder allows Manufacturing companies to reuse their parts and all data related. Following a strong demand from the industry, 3DSemantix is now introducing 3DPartFinder for the internet to connect directly Part Manufacturer with Product Designers. This ecosystem is in line with Industry 4.0 strategies pursued by manufacturers and an outstanding solution for the factory of the future!

Whether you work in the aerospace, the automotive, the industrial equipment or the food industry, when you design new parts 3DPartFinder will assist you in making better decisions.

We invite you to join Boeing, MDA Satellite Systems, Siemens, CCM and several others who have adopted 3DPartFinder to reduce cost and go to the market more rapidly!



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