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In 2009, Lance Bachmann recognized the need for digital marketing services in the Philadelphia area that could help clients of all sizes expand their brand both locally and nationally. Over the years, 1SEO’s services have developed far beyond just SEO.

1SEO started as just a digital marketing agency, but soon we realized we could best serve our clients with a full-service IT department too. To facilitate this, Lance Bachmann and Scott Fcasni joined forces to create what is now known as 1SEO Digital Marketing & IT Support. Before the collaboration, Scott owned his own company for over 30 years, specializing in IT support, managed services, and custom programming for Fortune 500 companies. Lance knew he had to bring in a strong leader to join him on this journey, and according to Lance, Scott was by far the best choice.

It is here, at 1SEO Digital Marketing & IT Support that experienced IT specialists and dedicated digital marketers now work cohesively to ensure clients receive the protection they need as they continue to grow their businesses.

To have a successful digital marketing strategy, different departments must be incorporated to create a holistic approach. As of today, 1SEO is a full-service IT and digital marketing agency that helps grow businesses, protect customers and data and creates unique strategies, customized to elevate each client’s online presence and ultimate success.

We make it our job to not only keep up but stay ahead of the trends. The goal has always been to help clients achieve the online recognition they deserve that will grow their business, produce more leads, facilitate more transactions, and ultimately set them up for success well into the future.

At 1SEO, we’re always looking to improve the way we do business. Whether that is adding new departments or adapting to new technologies, we realize the digital marketing and IT realms are continuously evolving, which is why our team is dedicated to creating innovative strategies that will keep our clients at the top of their industry. Our work is about building brand awareness while facilitating meaningful connections between clients and consumers, and making sure companies and customer data are protected.

Just like we believe in our strategies, we also believe in and invest in the future of our employees. Over the last nine years, we have grown rapidly; we now have over 100 full-time employees with no plans of slowing down. We know the product works, which is why we hire exceptional individuals to lend their expertise to our clients and implement those strategies.

We work hard to maintain a unique and positive company culture; one that is designed to implement proven strategies while inspiring the creation and development of cutting-edge ones. To facilitate an encouraging environment, we provide our employees with pool and ping-pong tables, free lunch twice a week, and many additional incentives. Our team members are invited to bring new ideas to the table that will shake up the way we position our clients for success. Since building 1SEO, we have been able to continuously expand our knowledge and services over the years, positioning our company and the clients we serve for success. The future is bright, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.


1414 Radcliffe St, Suite 301
Bristol, PA 19007

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