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We are creating an environment where like-minded individuals, corporations and institutions connect, learn and support each other. It all begins with showcasing you and your business in the

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It is our mission to map out every leading innovation ecosystem per city and per industry around the world in order to unite the smartest minds of the world. Creating a global tribe of innovators and a platform where they can share their ideas and accomplishments, in turn providing the credibility, knowledge and confidence they all need to engage with each other to collaborate on a global scale. True innovation is only accomplished through the meeting of minds and the free flow of knowledge and ideas. We provide both the medium, the credibility, and the match-making for innovators and innovation enablers to connect and grow.

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Global Village Book Launch & Networking Events

Global Village Publishing holds numerous events around the world to celebrate new book launches and create opportunities for innovators, businesses, investors and governments to connect and lay the foundations for mutually beneficial relationships.

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