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Built with work-life satisfaction and talent retention in mind

Work2Live is an employee reward and perk technology platform built with work-life satisfaction and talent retention in mind. The platform delivers its product in 3 major areas: Experiences, Members-only hotel rates, and well-being resources. All of these perks can be further enhanced by Work2Live’s cutting edge “Lifestyle Spending Account” product which gives employers a way to reward and incentivize while giving employees the flexibility to spend how they choose.

Founded in 2016, Work2Live has been a long time in the making and is the story of bringing together the very different yet complementary universes of our four founders: Travel & Leisure, Employee Benefits, Recruitment & Retention, and Logistics.

From the start, one thing was always clear – we were setting out to change the employee experience in a positive way! We realized that employees really don’t see the true value in the benefits they are offered, and employers are handed so many “tools” to help retain and improve the company culture, reduce burnout etc… that they, themselves, become burnt-out. We made up our minds to change all of that …!

Work2Live’s solution is experiential in nature, meaning that purchases are experiences rather than things you would typically buy at a store. This is important because it drives home the importance of getting out of the office and truly living life. By offering our users access to products through the 3 core areas of:

LIVE – local & destination experience

EXPLORE – members-only discounted hotel rates

BREATHE – access to exclusive wellbeing resource discounts And enhancing the product with our proprietary Lifestyle Spending Account, we are able to deliver something truly exceptional to both the employer and employee alike.


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