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Our entrepreneurial spirit leads to agility, risk-taking, and innovative approaches to solving problems

Our entrepreneurial spirit leads to agility, risk-taking, and innovative approaches to solving problems and seizing opportunities. Public service, sustainability, integrity, and ethics are core principles guiding our activities.

UC San Diego is a key member of the San Diego community, a driver of social and economic prosperity in our region and a partner supporting the broader needs of our community and the state of California. As a research and innovation engine, UC San Diego has an economic impact of almost $17 billion in California each year.

The University takes its mission of engaging in public service very seriously and has been ranked, for six consecutive years, as the number one university in the nation for its contributions to the public good.

The campus conducts $1.3 billion in research annually, an enterprise that has created over 750 start-up companies, including many high-tech and bio-techs in the region. In 2017 UC San Diego was second in the nation for the number of companies created by a university campus (innovation.ucsd.edu). The university also supplies the region with the talent that is responsible for building these companies and creating high paying jobs that contribute to the quality of life in San Diego and beyond.

At the core of our strategy is an interdisciplinary research program, ranked in the top six (6) in the nation, with strengths in engineering, health, social sciences, oceanography, data science and business. Technologies developed through this research impact all our lives in areas as diverse as communications, treatment of diseases, transportation, education, renewable energy, and climate change, to name a few.

Building an successful society, however, requires much more than research and discovery, and the university has long recognized that our students will be the leaders in shaping our future. Through innovation and entrepreneurship, we are incubating the leaders of tomorrow, who will inspire confidence in a larger vision and, ultimately, recognize opportunities for bringing new solutions to societal challenges.

We are creating a culture on campus that will stimulate innovative students from all disciplines and origins to recognize within themselves, their own creative potential, and provide them with the experiences, network and skills to unlock that potential and shape the society and economy of tomorrow.

To be successful in this mission of improving the quality of life for global citizens, UC San Diego has developed mutually beneficial engagements with the community at many levels. There are more than 2,200 outreach programs that engage communities across southern California. Through the Volunteer 50 program, nearly 20,000 students complete more than 3 million hours of community service each year. The Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Program provides a pathway for students from historically underserved communities to achieve a higher education. UC San Diego has been designated as a Changemaker Campus by Ashoka U for its role as a leader in social innovation.

Our innovation programs are intrinsically engaged with the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, including partnerships with Connect, EvoNexus, JLabs and Biocom. This ensures our entrepreneurs have access to all the resources they need for a complete lifecycle of development. All programs are thoroughly rooted in principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Recent examples of startup companies from UC San Diego include:

  • Educational Vision Technologies: An automated system with interconnected content to revolutionize how students learn and study, and, notably, provides independence to the 70% of students with disabilities who depend on others to take notes for them. https://evt.ai
  • Nanovision: Restoring sight to blind people using nanowire retinal prostheses- pushing the engineering boundaries of what is possible.  www.nanovisionbio.com/technology/
  • Oncternal: Offering hope to cancer patients with treatments for previously  intractable cancers. www.oncternal.com
  • South 8 Technologies: Revolutionary new chemistry to develop batteries that operate in colder temperatures. Applications for all-weather grid storage, electric vehicles, and high-atmosphere drones. www.south8technologies.com

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