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Providers have too much to do and not enough time to do it. And the people this really impacts are their most vulnerable patients.

TimeDoc Health makes it easier for overstretched providers to support chronically ill patients between visits – while also maximizing reimbursements. They do this by combining the right technology platform with the right care coordinators.

On a mission to create patient success stories by improving the quality of life for people with chronic conditions, TimeDoc was founded in 2015 by a tech-minded medical student from the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. What started as a software platform for chronic care has grown into a virtual care management ecosystem fixated on improving the continuum of care for all patients.

Recognizing the challenges providers and patients face while trying to manage their practice and health, TimeDoc has taken on the role of innovators in virtual care management by combining an enterprise level platform for chronic care management with high-touch care coordination services that enable provider organizations to connect with patients remotely and create a continuous, longitudinal care experience.

TimeDoc allows more time for everyone by delivering solutions that:
#1 Keep it simple – with an intuitive platform that can give providers remote monitoring and chronic care management in one place, and that’s easy for anyone on their staff to learn and use

#2 Keep it connected – with a system that integrates with their EHR, plus dedicated care coordinators who connect with them patients

#3 Keep it going – with a flexible, scalable model that gives providers the option to use outsourced care coordinators, theirs, or a mix of the two.

Only TimeDoc Health delivers this “keep it simple, keep it connected, keep it going” approach and currently manages over 70,000 lives for more than 120 provider organizations including FQHCs, rural health centers, ACOs, and independent medical groups.

Digital tools enable the implementation of practical solutions to better engage and assist in the care of patients. With a mission to create patient success stories, TimeDoc Health merges technology-enabled healthcare products with the physical and mental well-being of the chronically ill by coordinating immediate interventions through a dedicated care coordination team. Patients are assigned a care coordinator that becomes the patient’s regular monthly contact.

Healthcare innovation is incredibly rapid regarding diagnosis, treatments, and surgeries, but pre-care and after-care rely on human interaction. Innovation at TimeDoc Health produces unrivaled technology and exceptional services through its virtual care management platform. This platform plus people solution improves the connections between the patient, healthcare provider, and the care team, prioritizing the human to-human connection.

The innovation curve in health care is undoubtedly astonishing: yet, you most often have your blood pressure taken with a pump and a watch when you see a doctor and all your care treatments are based on one, 20 minute interaction with very limited visibility into your overall health and well-being. Technology has been trying to bridge those challenges with things such as the industry-wide adoption of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and more recently the accelerated adoption of telehealth tools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that is simply not enough to drive patient engagement and gain a holistic view of patient health across the continuum of care.

TimeDoc Health focuses on three pillars of patient care: Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Behavioral Health Monitoring. Chronic Care Management supports holistic care from medication reviews and appointment scheduling to care plan adherence and gap closure. Remote Patient Monitoring offers integrated solutions to provide care management services to minimize medication errors, inaccurate readings, missed appointments, and other common concerns. Behavioral Health Monitoring is a connected service that proactively helps manage chronically ill patients’ mental well-being by offering mental health tracking and care coordination.

The company provides clients with a choice of three delivery models to deploy TimeDoc solutions to support their virtual care management programs. Tech-Only Deployment is the backbone of TimeDoc’s offering: the SaaS platform helps provider employed care management staff meet Medicare reimbursement requirements and helps providers gain critical insight for better care delivery. The Co-Sourced Hybrid model combines the enterprise SaaS platform with support from TimeDoc’s care coordination staff and services to ensure no patient is left behind. The Fully Outsourced Virtual Care Management solution is a complete turnkey program inclusive of TimeDoc’s platform and services.

Constantly engaging with patients and simultaneously screening for possible concerns reduces unnecessary doctor visits and hospitalizations. This enables doctors to see more patients per week with quality patient time and see patients in need of absolutely necessary care. Essentially, the technology at TimeDoc Health creates better and deeper human-to-human connections to help someone get through hard times. It is someone calling a patient to take care of them, and the patients aren’t even aware that it is a company that has become part of their lives.

Patient enrollment into virtual care management programs can be challenging. TimeDoc Health has devised systems to help identify the best patients for programs and streamline enrollment by using enrollment specialists in combinations with practice marketing support to drive patient enrollment in programs.

TimeDoc’s highly experienced care teams devise care plans using evidence based protocols with clients’ clinical staff to create templates and schedules by automating the care planning process.

The service establishes a continuity of care through a designated care manager who regularly engages with patients. At the same time, TimeDoc Health implements a time-tracking and billing tool into the electronic health records automatically. This process allows for quicker account reviews and billings submissions while tracking reimbursement and compliance requirements.

Unique challenges require unique solutions. For both practitioners and patients, quality time and care are essential. TimeDoc strives to deliver both.

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