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The Innovation Labs at the Dalí

The Innovation Labs at The Dalí offers one-of-a-kind programs that carefully combine more than 60 years of psychology and management research on creativity, creative problem solving and innovation, infused with Dalí’s art, philosophy and methods.

Dr. Hank Hine -Executive Director of The Dalí and Co-Founder of The Innovation Labs

Dr. Kimberly Macuare, Education Manger of The Innovation Labs

Foundation Labs: The Art of Innovation
Foundation Labs are two-hour interactive Museum experiences designed to provide a curated view of Dalí’s work while sharing some of his unique ingredients for innovation to jump-start your own creativity.

Skills Labs: Dali U
Skills Labs are our proprietary creativity and innovation classes. Skills Labs train the specific techniques and provides the learnable mindsets of creative thinking and problem solving to drive organizational innovation and enhance the creative powers and efficacy of teams and individuals. These labs are offered for private groups and as open enrollment.

Solution Labs: Surreal Approaches to Real Problems
Solution Labs is Dalí-inspired, creativity-driven workshop experiences in service of addressing a specific goal, wish or challenge. Following a pre-session exploration to pinpoint your challenges and goals, we design and facilitate customized labs driven by creative problem-solving processes to resolve your specific issue. We facilitate mission and vision development, organizational change, ideation and concept development.

For more information contact
Dr. Kimberly Macuare, Education Manager of The Innovation Labs

The Dali Museum


One Dali Blvd,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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