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In the heart of South Florida, often cited as ground zero for climate change and a burgeoning climate tech hub, SustainaBase stands out as a beacon of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Founded on the belief that businesses can profoundly influence the planet’s health, SustainaBase has evolved from an ambitious startup in FPL’s 35 Mules incubator program to a key player in the global sustainability arena.

Matthew Zirkelbach, SustainaBase co-founder and Chief of Science & Innovation, presents at Reuters’ Sustainability Reporting event in New York City.

At the helm are Gaida and Matt Zirkelbach, whose passion for environmental change drives the company’s mission to turn complex emissions data into actionable insights.

SustainaBase isn’t the Zirkelbachs’ first environmentally-focused venture. Their initial endeavor, RunBrook, assists some of the largest developers in the country with green building certifications and energy testing. Gaida and Matt spent years working with firms to develop more energy efficient buildings and established an approach that enhances building sustainability yielding greater environmental performance and increased profits for their clients’ projects.

While overseeing these projects, one thing became abundantly clear: companies are increasingly facing pressure to understand and minimize their environmental impacts, creating a growing need to manage greenhouse gas data to make informed decisions around sustainability. This inspired the Zirkelbachs to develop SustainaBase, an environmental data management software platform. SustainaBase helps organizations successfully navigate and thrive amid rising regulations and customer demands. Trusted by leading national and local brands, as well as several cities and counties, SustainaBase enables organizations to quantify, report, and gain insights into crucial information across their supply chains concerning carbon, water, and waste.

Gaida Zirkelbach, SustainaBase co-founder and CEO, leads industry leaders at Reuter’s in a tableside panel on solving greenhouse gas data challenges

How SustainaBase Helps Companies Revolutionize Their Environmental Impact
SustainaBase merges advanced software with personalized service, offering a dynamic solution for managing climate-related data and sustainability efforts. The platform is not just for tracking but transforming, turning intricate environmental data into clear, actionable insights. This enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint, develop robust decarbonization strategies, and produce audit-ready sustainability reports.

“Companies are tracking environmental metrics the way they track dollars, and it’s exciting to see the value that doing so brings to their operations,” says Gaida Zirkelbach.

Driven by a commitment to both local impact and global change, SustainaBase helps businesses confidently pursue their sustainability goals, ensuring that every decision is backed by solid data and that every action contributes to a larger environmental benefit.

Gaida Zirkelbach, along with team members Aidan Lancaster and Jeff Hix, represent SustainaBase at Reuters in New York City

A Local Heart with Global Reach
While working with global brands, SustainaBase remains deeply committed to South Florida, supporting local corporations like City Furniture, Ryder, and Garden of Life, and municipalities such as the City of Boynton Beach and Lake Worth Beach in managing their emissions. These efforts demonstrate SustainaBase’s vital role at the nexus of local needs and global environmental challenges, enhancing community-wide ecological responsibility.

Gaida & Matthew Zirkelbach, Co-founders, SustainaBase

Vision for the Future
As SustainaBase expands its reach, its mission is clear: to empower organizations to drive meaningful environmental change both locally and globally. SustainaBase is committed to enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of business operations across all sectors, ensuring that every organization, regardless of size, has access to the necessary tools needed to make informed decisions that positively impact the environment. Furthermore, SustainaBase is eager to further its partnerships with the consultants and providers who leverage environmental data to help companies de-risk, decarbonize, and expand their market share, thus helping companies improve their environmental impact and drive sustainable practices.

Looking ahead, SustainaBase is committed to fortifying its local ties within South Florida while expanding globally, continually exploring new ways to support local companies on their sustainability journeys. SustinaBase’s enduring success is not merely a testament to its robust platform but also reflects a broader movement toward a future that puts sustainable solutions first.

By steadfastly focusing on community and sustainability, SustainaBase stands as a beacon of environmental innovation, setting a precedent for others to emulate and ensuring that South Florida remains at the forefront of the global sustainability movement.

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