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How it began…We, Blake & Amanda Lewis, bonded over health and wellness back in 2012. We found out on our 1st date we both had an invention notebook. How cool is that!? Our journey began with getting healthy as I fi gured out starting my 1st business (knowing I wanted to create a brand of some kind) while Amanda worked on innovation for adidas. We started with juicing, and creating beverages that fi t our lifestyle. I quickly realized that the market was lacking in things that were healthy and tasted amazing. I fi rst launched Juice Lounge – now renamed Juicemade, a custom cold pressed juice company. Juice was super saturated in San Diego and knew we weren’t going to get to where we wanted to be unless we innovated and shifted.

I LOVE coffee and gave it up to be “healthy” but was not happy about it and thought there has to be a way to make coffee healthier and keep it in my life. I started researching and went down the rabbit hole. A year later Superfood & Company, was born! All things superfoods, infusions & health beverages like Superfood Coffee®, Kefi r Soda, & Superbooch®. Superfood infused cold brewed coffee was our 1st creation, and then fi rst of it’s kind Kefi r Soda (a probiotic cold pressed juice), then a superfood infused kombucha, and now onto launching synergy blends on our online store. How far it has come from a little idea of making healthy drinks for me and Amanda!


We did that for a few years then realized we had a pletora of ideas and passions. The fi re was always burning! Our future vision was greater than our present reality and we knew we needed to create a parent company to house our creations. So we created ABERRANT KIN, and started bringing our brands to life.

Fast forward to now! Sprouted Coffee® is born, coffee reinvented. It’s a roaster collective of some of the best local coffee roasters in San Diego who we are collaborating with to showcase our sprouted coffee bean in unique ways.

Next, ME Water™, standing for Magnesium/Mineral Water (an artesian spring infused replenishment water) which is in R & D currently. It all started back when Blake became ill from exhaustion, stress and over exertion. Running a business is stressful and can sometimes take over your health. The hospital nurse mentioned a mainstream electrolyte drink which was fi lled with dyes, synthetics and we were so frustrated that there was nothing of high quality. So we said “we gotta make an infused water for those like us looking for better.” Very excited about this coming to San Diego. For all the families & athletes.

The 2 brands we are most excited about are extremely innovative! Fermentation Kitchen®, a nordic style restaurant that focuses on fermenting, culturing, curing, preserving, foraging and creating unique chef dishes from locally sourced ingredients. A local San Diego eatery showcasing the magic of fermentation.

Wise Brewing™, is our dream! San Diego… the mecca of beer and breweries. Let’s shake it up a bit! Wise will be a beer-less brewery that creates alcoholic beverages with a twist. Innovation through tradition. Thoughtfully sourced and wisely brewed. Our take on the old and new merged into one. There are so many ancient alcoholic beverages, infusions and brews that no one is really making and we see it as a challenge and compliment to our desire to create exciting products. Both out of want and need.

Thank you to San Diego for being the best environment for innovation and creation we could have hoped for. Moving here from Idaho & Texas long ago, we could not have imagined the paradise of ingredients, resources and incredible support from the community as we have experienced!

Super Food Coffee Company - Aberrant Kin

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