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Quickscope is a new social networking platform for video game developers. Development and creation talents to can connect with like-minded individuals, create professional industry-specific portfolios, and speak with recruiters regarding employment opportunities. We offer our users innovative industry-specific features such as advanced search filters and networking tools to ease the everyday hassles of networking in the industry for game devs worldwide.

 Each Quickscope user’s profile acts as a professional industry-specific portfolio that is offered in accordance with the game developer’s position within their game dev team. Finally, we provide recruiters with their own unique feature set to sift through the talent on the Quickscope platform and provide them with the greatest ability to find the right talent for any of their open positions.


The entrepreneurial journey can be difficult for anyone, especially for a young group of 19 year olds so we joined an accelerator program that introduced us to incredible experts in the fields of gaming and business. On top of balancing our time between school and Quickscope, having mentors and advisors dedicate their time to ensure we are on the right track has been an extraordinary experience that we are grateful for.

We have had hundreds of conversations with new and experienced game devs and through these discussions, we have been able to highlight the key features that will be included in our official Quickscope version 1.0 release. The platform will include many more features than previously discussed publicly. We are looking forward to providing video game developers with a platform to truly level up in their careers and help them in any way possible.

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